Conference Schedule

Session 1: 25 July 2018

Global Wine Market Update and Opportunities

Steve Dorfman of the Ciatti Wine Company will discuss the latest trends and opportunities in the global bulk wine market.

How to Build a 500,000 case Virtual Wine Company

How Kevin Mehra and team built his wine company into the fastest growing wine company in the US market. With no winery and vineyards, how can entrepreneurs build a 500,000 cases wine business? Solid tips on marketing, branding, sales, and distribution for private label brand owners, wineries, breweries, and distilleries.

Setting Up Your Sales Channels and Process To Double Your Revenue

A must attend session that will help you build your sales process and break it down to various components in growing your top line growth for your winery, brewery and distillery.

Includes insights on staff management, P&L management, national account sales, distributor development & management, export sales, direct to consumer sales, call center direct to winery sales, bulk wine sales, custom crush/AP sales, wine development and future strategic growth.

Session 2: 25 July 2018

Tips For Retailers To Effectively Merchandise and Price Their Private Label Labels

What happens on the sales floor? Floor operations at the retail level are often overlooked. Floor execution is just as important as setting up the pieces to create the brand. In this session, you will learn about 1. How mainstream wine retail pricing can impact your private label sales. 2. How to set up promo retail pricing. 3. People who are working on the floor.

Bonus: Insight onto how Amazon and WFM plan to build its private label customers.

Procurement To Fulfillment For Private Label Clients

Kevin Boyer, former Corporate Director of Beverages, Ruth’s Chris Steakhouses, currently President & CEO of Customvine will provide insights on custom wine procurement, packaging, and fulfillment for private label clients.

5 guidelines for navigating bulk wine logistics

Shipping bulk wine or spirits inland or overseas? Discover what your transport options are. The benefits and limitations of the equipment available and key considerations when building a bulk logistics supply chain. This session will bring industry perspective on bulk wine and spirits logistics. Luke Arie will highlight how to preserve the quality and safety of the wine in transit, and strategies for optimising the supply chain and the associated challenges.

Session 3: 26 July 2018

Putting the "Sales" back into Your Sales Team

Are you squeezing every last drop of potential from your sales team? This session will highlight the most modern strategies wine & spirits producers can start using immediately to improve sales performance.

Cracking the code of National Account Sales

A deep dive into getting national accounts. What does it really take to pitch big box chains? national on-premise restaurants? are you really prepared?

Bulk Wine Business For Today

In the ever evolving and ultra competitive space of bulk wine pever-evolving does one maintain their relevancy amongst a sea of customers who are anything but loyal? For many, bulk wine production is a well vetted and established business category wherein their winery may produce wines for target winery audiences year in and year out and perhaps even do so under the assured context of supply contracts.

For others bulk wines are released to the market on an as needed basis to clean up inventory or generate a cash influx. Still others opt to “play the market” in an attempt to buy when the market is low and sell when the market is high.

Wherever your winery falls, it is imperative to know who you are and what you do well. All too many are impaled by the false hope of being able to perform on everything to everyone. Right sizing bulk inventories, knowing the market, and knowing your bulk wine buyer will forever set your winery up for success.

R.A.P.I.D - 5 key steps to building a control brand that scales

Private label wine sales have evolved dramatically in the past 25 years along with market conditions, distribution channels, consumer awareness and interest in wine, and the industry at large, resulting in an environment where control brands will not only thrive, but will grow remarkably in importance and scale in the US. In this talk, we will review a 5 step “RAPID” approach to building a control brand that achieves escape velocity.

Session 4: 26 July 2018

Blending for Profits

Tips on creating profitable wine brands and avoiding common problems in blending. In this session, Jose gives you an overview of most common problems and how to avoid them.

Supply Chain Issues In Getting Specialty or Private Label Brands From Producer, to and through the Distributor

What are the impediments and how track and manage products without relying only on distributor? How to manage depletions at the account level? Distributors are overwhelmed with products that have brand priority and even if you can make the sale to a key chain buyer producers become infuriated when they cannot get the distribution and on-going support to execute an in-hand purchase order. In this session, you will learn on how to manage your supply chain and stay close to your retail customer.

Bulk Wine Financial Benchmarks

Optimizing the balance of your cost of goods, allocated expenses, the costs of doing business through sales channels options, distributor costs, and markups, and on- and off-premise licensee markups is imperative to maximize your profits. Knowing these industry benchmarks and best practices enable you to fine-tune your bulk wine financial plans and goals.