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What To Expect From the Upcoming IBWSS in San Francisco

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The nation’s premier event for the bulk wine and spirits and private label industry is returning to California in July.


On July 23-24, the highly acclaimed International Bulk Wine and Spirits Show (IBWSS) will return to San Francisco. This annual event for the wine and spirits industry has become the nation’s premier event for industry professionals looking to source high-quality wine and spirits from around the world, as well as to unlock new opportunities in the private label market. Throughout the course of the two-day event, participants will have a chance to meet exhibitors on the trade show floor as well as to attend speaker presentations, Q&A sessions and panel discussions on issues that are currently top-of-mind for the bulk and private label trade.

2019 IBWSS Conference

On Day 1 of IBWSS San Francisco, the focus will turn to the evolving nature of the bulk and private label trade, and how these changes are impacting retailers, distributors, wholesalers and brand owners. Jennifer Leitman, EVP of Marketing at The Family Coppola, will discuss the unique considerations that go into creating a successful private label wine brand. Companies of all sizes are embracing the private label trend, and that has placed a much higher premium on companies that can create very compelling brand propositions.

2019 IBWSS SF Conference Speakers

One key theme of the event will be the interaction between the bulk and private label markets. For example, being able to source red wine from around the world might make it possible to create a unique red wine blend that is not typically available in a certain market. In the same way, being able to source different spirits from around the world might be the key to helping a smaller brand expand on a national basis. With that in mind, Dave Carpenter, Master Blender at Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits, will guide participants through some of the key considerations that go into making a high-quality private label spirit.


Participants will also hear from a variety of different players in the wine industry, including top names in the on-premise and off-premise industries. Darrin Baumunk, Corporate Beverage Buyer at Lasco Enterprises, will discuss the addition of private label brands to any product mix. Bill Abrahamson, Senior Wine Buyer of Liquors Plus, will provide insights into how private label spirits can help to boost the bottom line of any retail establishment, while Maurice DiMarino, Wine and Beverage Manager, Cohn Restaurant Group, will discuss how restaurants and hospitality venues can embrace private label brands in order to stand out in the marketplace.

On Day 2 of IBWSS San Francisco, the focus will shift from tactics and strategy to industry best practices for bringing a new private label product to market. For example, Gabe Barkley, CEO of MHW, Ltd., will discuss the broad array of products and services that are now available for brand owners, and how they can be deployed within the private label market. It’s no longer the case, for example, that you need an in-house team to manage many aspects of running a successful brand. And, to help market participants make sense of changing market dynamics in the bulk wine market, and how to improve overall sourcing strategies, Jena Domingue, VP of Global Sales at Wine Direct, will share her first-hand experiences in the marketplace.

The real excitement of IBWSS San Francisco happens on the exhibition trade show floor. Every year, IBWSS San Francisco attracts more and more exhibitors, and this year is no different. There will be plenty of opportunities to meet the right companies that can help to transform your private label and bulk business. Special exhibitor zones are just one special feature of this event. You can meet exhibitors from A (Airport Ranch Estates in Washington State) to Z (Zidela Wines in South Africa), from just about any region of the world. Looking to source bulk wine from Argentina? Then look for the exhibition booth for Famiglia Viscomi, producer of premium bulk wines from the Uco Valley in Argentina. Looking for Italian bulk wine suppliers? Then check out the exhibit booth for Cortecchia FulvioFigli, a premium Italian bulk wine producer located in Emilia-Romagna.

What is so distinctive about the IBWSS San Francisco event is just how many opportunities it can unlock for you in the bulk and private label market. Best of all, the event takes place in downtown San Francisco, within close proximity of the world-class vineyards and wineries of Napa Valley and Sonoma. This summer, it’s possible to have the complete California wine experience at IBWSS San Francisco.

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