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What makes a good bulk wine buyer?

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Bryan Avila a formally trained enologist, seasoned commercial winemaker, and wine production educator talks about how one can be a good bulk wine buyer.


Bryan Avila is a formally trained enologist, seasoned commercial winemaker, and wine production educator. He teaches best practices to the industry workforce and advises on advanced winemaking subjects to vintners via his company, Avila Wine. He is the trials liaison for WBM’s Winemaker Trials Section and would love to hear what you are doing in your vineyard and winery to overcome challenges, grow better grapes and make better wine.

Sid Patel, CEO of International Bulk Wine and Spirits Show and Beverage Trade Network gets on with Bryan on how one can be a good bulk wine buyer. The video will be shared with all IBWSS 2023 visitors and conference ticket holders in March. If you have not purchased your IBWSS visitor pass, here is one more incentive to purchase. From March 1, Beverage Trade Network’s new in-depth inside the drinks business and how-to videos can be accessed by only BTN’s trade show registered visitors.


Here is a quick summary of notes on what makes a good bulk wine buyer.

1) Knowing what you want.

2) Knowing what your price point is.

3) Get all your numbers done.

4) Understanding the size of the taker and type of tanker, Providing instructions on how you want the tanker filled.

5) Having all the transport detailed workout.

6) You will need to have a very clean and fast transaction. 

7) Know what you want and Have instructions laid out for the facility winemaker whom you buying from.

8) Hire a consulting winemaker if you have to draw a clear liability contract on who does what at both ends of bulk wine transactions. Having the consulting winemaker work with you for the transaction.

9) Make sure you know what your logistics are.

10) Sending the right cooperation.

11) Coordinating with production planners.

12) Have a wine technical lead work with you for quality control and checks at all levels. For problem-solving if things deviate.

13) Moving that wine safely with insurance.

Bryan will break each point down with real cases in the video. Get your IBWSS visitor pass today and get access to in-depth videos next.

Header Image: Bryan Avila; Source: Facebook

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