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Upcoming IBWSS in San Francisco Will Showcase Biggest Names in the Bulk Wine and Spirits and Private Label Industry

Photo for: Upcoming IBWSS in San Francisco Will Showcase Biggest Names in the Bulk Wine and Spirits and Private Label Industry

Two-day event will include exhibitors from around the world and a high-profile group of top industry speakers


For anyone thinking of becoming part of the dynamic and fast-growing bulk wine and spirits and private label industries, the place to be this summer will be the International Bulk Wine & Spirits Show (IBWSS), taking place in San Francisco on July 23-24. The two-day event hosted by the South Francisco Conference Center will provide a unique opportunity to meet some of the biggest names in the bulk wine and spirits and private label industry. In addition to a trade show floor filled with exhibitors from around the world, the IBWSS San Francisco event will feature two full days of speaker presentations, panel discussions and informative Q&A sessions.

Day 1 of IBWSS San Francisco will kick off with presentations by Jennifer Leitman, EVP of Marketing at The Family Coppola, and Kurt Lorenzi, VP of Global Sourcing at Winery Exchange. They will discuss the tactical and strategic considerations that go into creating a successful private label program, including a review of the strategic significance of the bulk wine and spirits market. In today’s highly globalized wine industry, the ability to source wine or spirits from anywhere in the world is a new source of competitive advantage.

View the list of 2019 IBWSS SF Speakers

With this global view of the wine industry in mind, Steve Dorfman, Partner at Ciatti Company, will review key supply and demand dynamics that impact pricing in the bulk wine market, and explain how a detailed understanding of new trends and market developments can help to improve margins for any winery. In a highly competitive industry, any opportunity to improve margins and boost overall profitability is not to be ignored. For that reason, it’s perhaps no surprise that retailers of all sizes are placing more importance than ever before on selling private label products that appeal to specific customer demographics.

2019 IBWSS Speakers

On Day 2 of IBWSS San Francisco, the focus will shift to industry-wide best practices that can be used by participants in the bulk wine and spirits and private label industry. For example, Christopher Durham, President of My Private Brand and Co-Founder of Vertex Awards, will discuss the brand-building considerations that go into creating a highly marketable private label brand. At one time, private label wines were much like the first supermarket generics – bland offerings that competed primarily on price. But all that has changed, as retailers now focus on creating sophisticated private label brands that are designed to appeal to specific types of consumers. Donna Hartman, General Counsel at The Connacht Whiskey Company, will discuss some of the legal and regulatory issues that are involved in getting any new private label brand off the ground.

In the afternoon of Day 2, Tim Hanni, Master of Wine and an instructor at the Napa Wine Academy, will share a number of industry-wide best practices that will enable participants to benchmark their own success in the industry. Based on his first-hand experiences of consulting with wine businesses around the world, he will guide participants through some of the important steps needed to succeed in the world of private label and bulk. Evan Stein, CFO of The Thornhill Companies, will also share his observations and insights on industry best practices.

IBWSS show trade show floor

Throughout the two days of IBWSS San Francisco, participants will have a chance to meet some of the exciting exhibitors on the trade show floor. Whether you are looking to source bulk wine and spirits, or are looking for companies that specialize in bottling, branding, distribution or packaging, you can be assured that you will be able to find a company matching your needs. During informal networking sessions that take place throughout the event, you can develop the relationships and contacts needed for future success in the industry.


By the end of the two-day event, you will have the insights, knowledge, and contacts in order to move forward with new initiatives in the bulk wine and spirits and private label industries. On July 23-24, you will have first-hand access to real-world practitioners and industry leaders, many of them who have already launched successful private label products into the marketplace. That makes San Francisco the place to be this summer. For anyone who has ever considered creating a new private label wine or spirit brand, the upcoming IBWSS San Francisco is a must-attend event.

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