Photo for: The World of Private Label Wines and Spirits is Coming to San Francisco in July


The World of Private Label Wines and Spirits is Coming to San Francisco in July

Meet the best and the biggest bulk wine, bulk spirits and private label suppliers at IBWSS San Francisco on July 23-24.


This summer, Beverage Trade Network’s International Bulk Wine & Spirits Show (IBWSS) will bring together bulk wine, bulk spirits and private label suppliers in the very center of California’s wine country. The annual IBWSS event is a unique chance to find new products, make new contacts and discover new business concepts that will help your private label program grow and prosper. The 2019 IBWSS event takes place on July 23-24, 2019 at the South San Francisco Conference Center.

At IBWSS San Francisco 2019, the growing importance of private label wines and spirits for retailers will be in the spotlight. The private label segment is now one of the fastest-growing segments of the U.S. wine industry, with major supermarkets, discount chains, and retailers embracing the private label trend as a source of major competitive advantage. For some participants, private label wines have become a way to offer quality and value to their best consumers; for other participants, private label wines are a way to improve margins and overall business profitability. At IBWSS San Francisco, you’ll find both buyers and sellers, as they come together at this unique conference and trade show.

IBWSS SF Expo Floor

Quality and innovation in private label wine and spirits will be on display throughout the event. On the main trade show floor, you’ll find exhibitors from all over the world. There will be both suppliers of bulk wine for private label programs, as well as private label specialists who can help you source, bottle, distribute and market your private label wines to a broader U.S. audience of wine drinkers.

In addition to the bustling trade show floor at IBWSS San Francisco, there will also be two full days of presentations, Q&A sessions and informative talks that will feature some of the biggest names within the U.S. wine industry. You will hear from Jennifer Leitman, EVP of Marketing at The Family Coppola, who will share her insights about how best to create private label wine programs. And, you will hear from Steve Dorfman, Partner at Ciatti Company, who will comment on current trends and developments in the bulk wine market, and how those market dynamics influence the creation of new private label wines.

In addition, a wide range of speakers and wine experts who have developed their own private label wine programs from scratch will share their unique insights and advice with event participants. If you’ve ever wondered how to launch a new private label brand, or if you are currently looking for a quality supplier of bulk wine to support your private label wine program, the International Bulk Wine & Spirits Show in San Francisco is the right place to be this summer.

IBWSS SF Expo Floor

In the United States, the demand for private label wines has never been higher. A few major retailers and supermarkets – such as Trader Joe’s, Costco and Whole Foods Market – have fully embraced the trend, and that has opened the door for many more retailers to offer several different lines of private label wines appealing to different consumer demographic groups. Target, for example, continues to roll out new lines of private label wines and Walmart has also developed its own line of wines. These top American retailers have been joined by a growing number of foreign discounters, such as Aldi and Lidl, both of which are now winning medals and awards for their private label wines.

The IBWSS San Francisco event will be held in downtown San Francisco, making it easy and convenient for participants to visit the wineries and vineyards of both Sonoma and Napa Valley. Every year, the event attracts a growing list of quality exhibitors, and this year’s event is no different. North American wine buyers will be able to meet suppliers from South America, Europe and Australia in one central marketplace. While many IBWSS participants like to visit as many booths and pavilions as possible during the two-day event, there are plenty of opportunities just to focus on a single geographical region or type of supplier. The layout of the showroom floor makes it very easy to find exactly the exhibitor you are trying to find, and there are plenty of private areas for networking and private discussions. For anyone doing business in the bulk wine and spirits industry, this is the must-attend event of the year.

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