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IBWSS Shanghai - Pouring Gung Ho into Wine Industry of China!

Photo for: IBWSS Shanghai - Pouring Gung Ho into Wine Industry of China!

IBWSS event brought an unthinking amount of enthusiasm into the Chinese Wine Industry.


Wednesday evening brought a closure of IBWSS China, which took place at the Huangpu District, Shanghai on the 5th and 6th of November, 2019. The meeting point was in the heart of Huangpu District which was conveniently accessible through multiple metro lines.

The event brought an unthinking amount of enthusiasm of the once known to have gone slightly stagnant wine industry of China.

The gung ho spirit that the wine industry of China received at their highest trading port city, i.e. Shanghai was an experience to be witnessed first-hand.

Producers from different cities attended the beautiful liquor congregation in the capital city of Shanghai, and the 2-day event continued with thousands of local and international visitors making it to taste and buy bulk wines.

Sid Patel, CEO of Beverage Trade Network, Host of IBWSS was at the ground making visitors and bulk wine producers feel warm and comfortable! Beverage Trade Network has hosted IBWSS London and IBWSS San Francisco earlier and now has had a successful Asian admiration for their bulk wine event!

“The Asia wine market is very unique! Be gentle and dim sum”

-Sid Patel, CEO, Beverage Trade Network

For IBWSS Shanghai

IBWSS Shanghai understands the great potential of an estimated $23 billion market of the wine industry over the next 5 years and intends to stand as a gatekeeper of premium wines, and quality affordable wines for the Chinese consumers to serve them the best producers from all across the world.

The funneling that IBWSS does in order to bring quality bulk wine producers results in quality bulk wine label deals which would be then further consumed by the people of China and hence we ensure bringing the biggest and best-in-quality players for OEMs!

This OEM and Bulk Wine focused event brought an insurmountable number of visitors not only in the hopes to crack a deal, taste wines, but also learn a little more about their own businesses in the speaker presentations, panel discussions and Q&A sessions especially catered to some of the most critical and core business values of a wine dealer in China.

The effects of the event will be seen in the coming years of the economy as an abundance of quality wine begins to be found in the streets and bazaars of Asia’s giant!

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