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IBWSS Shanghai Opens Global Gateway to Wine Industry of China

Photo for: IBWSS Shanghai Opens Global Gateway to Wine Industry of China

IBWSS Shanghai Bridges Gaps between Quality Buyers and Sellers of Quality Bulk Wine in China


The Day 1 of the 2-Day event of International Bulk Wine & Spirits Show ended on the evening of 6th November with a plethora of visitors amongst which were 600 serious buyers.

The exhibition of trade and taste attracted quality - wineries, breweries, distilleries, importers, distributors, retailers, national and regional chains, negociánts, brokerage firms, and press members and convened that under a single roof.

35 bulk winemakers exhibited their wines in order to network with international, national and regional buyers with the hopes to build connections, contracts and crack deals with some of the biggest buyers in the country.

Attendees also became a part of the presentations by professional experts who not only have a precise working understanding of the China wine industry but also have a global experience for the same. These international professionals spoke on pivotal problems that surround the unique China wine businesses and suggested solutions by keeping their talk targeted to their specifically chosen topics. Every session was concluded with a Q&A session which was a one-time opportunity for attendees to nearly receive almost personalized advice pertaining to any issues that they may be undergoing pertaining to their own businesses or companies that they were representatives of.

The event although of a smaller scale seemed very promising for sequel editions considering the number of visitor registrations and the collective of serious buyers that attended the show.

IBWSS took it upon itself to make sure that not only were the exhibitors of the highest quality, but also the buyers that made it to the show in search of bulk wines were of a towering quality.

IBWSS Shanghai

Sid Patel, CEO, Beverage Trade Network, the organization behind IBWSS London and IBWSS San Francisco, welcomed Mario Lázaro, Director of Pro Mendoza and Martín Kerchner, Ministry of Economy of Mendoza (the largest wine-producing region in Argentina). IBWSS was attended by them to understand the wine market of China. Although Argentina is the 5th largest wine producer in the world, annually exporting 2.5 million hectoliters, penetrating the Chinese wine industry for Argentinian wine has stayed limited to a 1% market share and hence has enough potential to grow. Sid Patel welcomed the Argentine economic mission that visited IBWSS China.

The event ended on a very mellow note with IBWSS shaking hands with the Shanghai K Charitable Foundation whilst donating the remaining wine bottles for their hospitality mentoring program for disadvantaged youths.

Day 2 is all set for a completely new line of professional speakers to speak on subjects that are entirely different from Day 1. The speakers can’t wait to take the stage and share interesting insights with the attendees. Day 2 of the event will allow the flow of newer visitors and will also allow newly formed connections to get stronger from Day 1. In any case, you have missed visiting any exhibitor, your non-attendance on the second day would be redundant.

Beverage Trade Network has always tried to push the envelope in the field of wine trade shows and competitions, and the success of IBWSS Shanghai is an evident example of that. In order to create a show that reaches such immaculate quality heights, Beverage Trade Network researches extensively for years before bringing only quality buyers and quality sellers under one single roof, may it be the case of IBWSS London, or IBWSS San Francisco, or with this first edition of IBWSS Shanghai.

IBWSS Shanghai intends to make the world’s busiest Port of Shanghai even busier by bridging the gap between some of the topmost quality buyers and sellers of the country aiming for not only volume deals but also a superior quality for value in wines that are sold to the people of China.

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