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IBWSS Day 2 : It’s a Wrap!

Photo for: IBWSS Day 2 : It’s a Wrap!

IBWSS is one of the largest conferences that enables anybody involved in the production, selling and buying of bulk wine, bulk spirits, contract bottling, and private label to network.


After an accomplished Day 1, our exhibitors, including European Garnacha Grenache Quality Wines, Ciatti Company, Alexander Daniels Wines, Casa Maestri, LGI and more came back for the finale! The exhibitor stalls were all ready to receive the visitors, and the visitors were excited about their final proposals and offers.

The speakers were all set to spark the stage, commenced by Anthony Bozzano, Principal at Bozzano & Co on Tips for spot marketing and strategic sourcing. Following soon after was Sarah Shadonix, CEO, Founder & Head Taster at Scout & Cellar on Growth from the Ground Up. 


Development of a Cannabis Wine, Beer or Spirits, by Seng Robertson was a full house too. 

We saw a repeat of the Garnacha Masterclass hosted by Sofia. The audience at the conference room tasted 6 types of Garnacha & Grenache - European Quality Wines from France and Spain. 

After lunch, Daniel Ronen saw a full house with his discussion on How to raise interest for bulk spirits to luxury hospitality groups and top end bars. Michael Bowles,who was also our judge for USA Spirit Ratings and USA Beer Ratings is a Sake Buyer at Wally’s Fine Wine, Spirits & Gourmet market. He spoke about the Transformative Nature of Bulk Wine Market.

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