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Featuring Alejandro Luis Ballarini- the man behind Argentina Bulk Wine Chamber

Photo for: Featuring Alejandro Luis Ballarini- the man behind Argentina Bulk Wine Chamber

Alejandro Luis Ballarini shares the success story of Argentina Bulk Wine Chamber and future plans for Argentina’s bulk wine.


Alejandro Luis Ballarini, General Manager of Argentina Bulk Wine Chamber is an active and independent entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience in the development and management of food and business. He has experience working with foreign trade companies where he carried out the development and management of mega projects. Alejandro is a person who seeks challenges which got him into Argentina Bulk Wine Chamber, a non-profit entity which helps promote Argentine bulk wines globally and connect private organisations thorughout the world. He aims at making Argentina a reliable long term supplier and improving business opportunities at a global level. In this conversation, Alejandro speaks about Argentina Bulk Wine Online (ABWO), a portal for member companies, read more to know about Argentina Bulk Wine Chamber.

Tell us about yourself and the foundation of Argentina Bulk Wine Chamber

I am the General Manager at the Argentine Bulk Wine Chamber. We are a private, independent and non-profit entity, founded in 2018, comprising the main bulk wine producers and exporters in Argentina, as well as logistics and related services providers. Nowadays our members are responsible for around 50% of the total volume of bulk wine exported from Argentina.


I have been working in the Chamber since its beginning. After more than 15 years of work and satisfaction in my previous activity related to the international trade advisory of food and bottled wines, the recently-created board of the Argentine Bulk Wine Chamber offered me a new challenge that would demand all my efforts: to develop and project the Argentine bulk wine industry internationally. 

Since then, the Argentine Bulk Wine Chamber was declared the Executing Unit of the “International Argentine Bulk Wine Commercial Promotion Plan” by the Argentine Viticultural Corporation (COVIAR) in late 2020. COVIAR is a public-private organization that manages and finances necessary actions to meet the objectives of the Argentine Viticultural Strategic Plan (PEVI) 2030.

In order to achieve international recognition for the excellent wines sold in large volumes, the Argentine Bulk Wine Chamber is also aligned with the actions carried out by Wines of Argentina –the main international promotion agency of the brand and the country image of Argentine wines around the world- aimed at contributing to the global success of the Argentine wine-making industry through “Vino Argentino” (Argentine wine) brand development.

Argentine Bulk Wine Chamber

Source: Argentina Bulk Wine Chamber

What is the mission of Argentina Bulk Wine Chamber and what are the services you offer?

We are an organization that has grown both nationally and internationally, encompassing different lines of work related to the economic development and commercial consolidation of the Argentine bulk wine sector. However, I can summarize our objectives in:

-To promote Argentine exports of bulk wines to the world through the execution of activities and events of international projection, which provide access and qualified information to foreign buyers on the advantages and business potentials with the “Argentine bulk wine”;

-To provide specialized services and tools to Argentine companies related to the production and marketing of bulk wine, which contributes to improving their productivity and competitiveness so that they can generate new investment projects and business opportunities and;

-To relate with private organizations and public institutions in order to generate and apply policies and activities that promote the economic growth of the sector.

We strengthen the strategic link with our main foreign markets offering networking with the main exporters and qualified information on the Argentine wine sector.

Which countries do you supply the wine and name 5 countries where the most of the bulk wine is exported?

Argentina today is among the top 10 exporters of bulk wine worldwide. According to data from the National Institute of Viticulture (NIV), for bulk wine from Argentina the main destinations abroad are the United Kingdom, Germany, China, Canada and the United States which concentrate 85% of exports. These five markets are joined by more than 30 international destinations, and every year more countries know and buy our product. 

Each year, the exportable supply of bulk wines from Argentina is around 300 million liters, encompassing generics and varietals of high oenological quality. This is achieved thanks to the natural health of our vineyards, but also to the incorporation of advanced technology and production processes of international level. 

Argentine Bulk Wine

Source: Argentina Bulk Wine Chamber

Tell us about Argentina Bulk Wine Online?

The Argentina Bulk Wine Online (ABW Online – Bulkwine) is the only business promotion point of entry specialized in Argentina bulk wine, created early this year and managed by the Argentine Bulk Wine Chamber, the entity that brings together the most relevant exporters in the country and is also the official promoter of bulk wine exports in Argentina.

The ABW Online brings together the updated exportable offer from the members of the Argentine Bulk Wine Chamber. It is here where buyers can find precise information on types of wine, characteristics, quality, volume and price and get in direct contact with suppliers by just one click.

Being a safe and reliable virtual tool, the ABW Online helps to shorten distances, responding at the same time to the challenges presented by the global business dynamics.

As a general manager what is your role and what are the difficulties faced by ABC.

It is in the Argentina Bulk Wine Chamber where I am playing a special role in the growth and global positioning of Argentine wines, besides other responsibilities related to the strategic planning for the economic growth of the bulk wine industry in Argentina.

All the above are very challenging tasks considering the economic and political situation in our country, but fortunately, we count with our own capabilities and a natural environment that contribute to keeping the wine industry competitive and let us work toward to transforms Argentina in a reliable long term supplier of bulk wines over the time.

Which region of Argentina produces the most wine, and what are the needs of buyers? Which wines are consumed more internationally?

The production of wine in general, and of bulk in particular, is mainly concentrated in the Cuyo region, with Mendoza in the lead holding 70% of the production and San Juan, in second place, with 20%. 

Hand in hand with Malbec, which makes up 55% of varietal bulk wine exports, Argentina goes out into the world with the ability to offer a wide range of varieties such as Torrontés, Chardonnay, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Bonarda, which are currently the most demanded by our buyers

Argentine Bulk Wine Chamber

Source: Argentina Bulk Wine Chamber

Tell us about some success stories of ABC, such as making large exports and quality production.

The Argentina bulk wine quality is well-known among the biggest importers in the world. That is the reason Argentina is in the top 10 exporters, but one relevant characteristic is that Argentina’s supply of bulk wines is very flexible. It adapts to both traditional and high-volume demand, as well as the possibility of meeting the needs of retail operators (hotels, restaurants, airlines, cruise ships) who want to generate their own labels and establish brands. 

This is where we consider the major opportunities to grow and we look to promote the Argentine bulk wine as a serious player, also providing a tailor made offer being capable of supplying more specific segments, such as fair trade and organic wines.

What is the change brought by ABC in the export and what changes can we expect in the coming 5 years?

In the past 4 years, a lot has changed in the Argentine wine industry thanks to the Argentine Bulk Wine Chamber. But maybe the most important to say is since late 2020, our organization convinced the main actors of the wine industry to add bulk wine exports as a strategic goal to develop and keep in the wine sector matrix considered in the Argentine Viticultural Strategic Plan (PEVI) 2030.

The objective of the Argentine Bulk Wine Chamber and COVIAR, as well as producers and marketers is for Argentina to export between 8% and 10% of the bulk wine that the world consumes by the year 2030.

Interview by Prithvi Nagpal, Editor & Sommelier, Beverage Trade Network

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