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Catch up with Cantine Europa at the International Bulk Wine & Spirits Show in San Francisco

Photo for: Catch up with Cantine Europa at the International Bulk Wine & Spirits Show in San Francisco

Offering the best quality and a wide range of Italian wines, Cantine Europa is exhibiting at the International Bulk Wine & Spirits Show on July 26-27.


Among the largest Sicilian wineries, Cantine Europa is a cooperative of winemakers founded in 1962 in Petrosino, in the Trapani area. Today, over 2000 members and vineyards are part of it,  along with 4,500 hectares in the provinces of Trapani, Agrigento, and Palermo. Cantine Europa’s goal is to defend the social and economic values ​​of the territory, safeguard the traditions of Sicilian viticulture, and enhance the territory and the wines. 

Cantine Europa Group aims to enhance and select the best grapes for its members, to obtain unique and high-quality wines, able to satisfy the most current food and wine trends. Excellence in raw materials and product innovation, combined with the great reliability of Cantine Europa helps a brand to focus on innovation, experimentation, and quality.


International Bulk Wine & Spirits Show 2022 which is going to be held at South San Francisco Center, San Francisco on July 26-27, 2022, is a great opportunity for you to connect with Cantine Europa and get a wide range of Sicilian wines. Get Your Visitors Pass here!

Cantine Europa

Image Source: Cantine Europa

Based on the North West coast of Sicily, Cantine Europa is characterized by the production and vinification of Sicilian local grapes. They supply a wide range of Sicilian wines for you to choose from. They produce red, white, organic, and sparkling wines from Grillo grapes, with a view to sustainability and circular economy, with the right compromise between tradition and innovation. Cantine Europa communicates the product through the bottle and not just the label. Their idea is to replace the labels with the bottles and thus they focus on the bottled product.

Cantine Europa shows the best of its products through its three lines of labels:

~Eughenes is the historic brand of Cantine Europa and has always distinguished its best wines. Wines with a unique, distinguishable, and authentic character. This line is a sincere interpreter of the winery's best values.

~Sensale is the line of wines made from grapes grown under certified organic farming. This line has been created to demonstrate the ever-increasing attention of the winemakers of Cantine Europa for the production of grapes with strict respect for the environment.

~The Roceno wines, made exclusively from Sicilian grapes, are the best possible combination of authenticity and pleasantness, simplicity and tradition, modern taste and typicality. They are the surprising result of careful and scrupulous production choices.

Cantine Europa is an evident testimony of the solidity of an ancient bond between men and the vineyard. Their provincial territory is a unique heritage, due to the large extension of the area planted with vines. The brightness of these lands and wine territory, the mild and breezy climate, and the alternation of plains and gentle hills are the elective conditions for advanced and selective viticulture. They show excellent results both in the enhancement of the finest indigenous cultivars, the white Grillo, Catarratto, and Inzolia, and the reds Nero d'Avola and Nerello Mascalese, both in the characterization of the international Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, , Cabernet Sauvignon

, Merlot, and Syrah.

Cantine Europa is exhibiting at the International Bulk Wine & Spirits Show 2022 which is happening on July 26-27, 2022, at South San Francisco Conference Center, San Francisco. Get Your Visitors Pass for the 2022 International Bulk Wine & Spirits Show and meet them along with many other companies that will help you grow.

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