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Update On California WineGrape Crush Size

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Allied Grape Growers is a California Winegrape Marketing cooperative and one of the Leading Bulk Wine Brokers in California.


Allied Grape Growers is a California winegrape marketing cooperative with nearly 600 grower-members located from major winegrape regions of California. The association exists for the purpose of efficient and competitive marketing of its members' grapes as well as offering marketing services for non-members. They maintain direct lines of year-round communication with their growers and vintners for a better understanding of market conditions and opportunities. Allied is also one of the leading bulk wine brokers. When looking at the benefits of Allied Grape Growers, should know that Allied markets winegrapes to over one hundred outlets annually.

This wide range of vintners, buyers, and processors to which Allied sells means that they are subject to much more first-hand market information than any one single grower. It also means that they have established relationships with multiple buyers which provide their growers with the most marketing opportunities possible.

They continue a dialogue with the vintners and growers through their management and field staff on a year-round basis, not just during harvest. Their field staff helps to keep growers abreast of current market conditions from a grower’s standpoint. They constantly evaluate winegrape market data for the purpose of identifying market trends and pass that information on to their members for their benefit in decision making.

Everyone can see why they stress to their growers that marketing means making the most of available opportunities. In addition to market interpretation, Allied benefits its membership simply by the diversity of varieties which it has available to the market. Because of the many varieties Allied markets in various categories both red and white, varietal and generic, and wine and concentrate, they are able to efficiently "package" different varieties and or categories for sale to various buyers.

As you know, market demand for grapes can change rapidly and in many cases, they are able to successfully market various varieties and categories because of the fact that they offer a diverse selection for vintners. Allied also offers growers the ability to have an association watching over their contractual interests regarding grape sales. In times of changing markets, this can be a very important aspect of our service. Know More about Allied Grape Growers.

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