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IBWSS Drives Bulk Wine Forward With New London and China Shows

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The new International Bulk Wine & Spirit Shows have been set up to help producers and buyers alike keep on top of bulk wine trends.


Wine report after wine report come back with the same conclusion regardless of which channel of the market they are looking at. Private label and exclusive brands are two of the fastest growing categories driven by the growth in bottled in market wine.

The new International Bulk Wine & Spirit Shows have been set up to help producers and buyers alike keep on top of bulk wine trends. The growing importance of bulk wine in the global wine industry is reflected in the fact the International Bulk Wine & Spirits Show has been expanded to cover three events covering the United States, China, and the UK over the next 18 months.

 Logos of IBWS Shows

The IBWSS concept was only introduced last year at its first event in San Francisco, followed by hosting the first dedicated bulk wine show in the UK in February. The show is returning to San Francisco between July 25-26, before its second UK event in London next March (11-12). It will then move to China with what will be the first dedicated bulk wine show in the country between November 5-6, 2019 in Shanghai.

Bulk wine is fast becoming one of the most important categories in China’s burgeoning domestic and imported wine industry. 2017 saw quarter after quarter of growth for bulk wine as retailers and wholesalers looked to introduce more of their own private label and exclusive brands as an alternative to more expensive bottled wines.

There was, for example, a 92% increase in volumes of bulk wine imported between July to September 2017, reaching 56.29 million liters worth US$47.17 million, a 100% increase in value compared to the same period in 2016 (China Customs).

Overall there were 180m liters of bulk wine shipped to China in 2017 up from 143m in 2016, the Bulk wine has helped create a new wine category in China known as OEM wines, where wines is imported in bulk and then bottled under a company’s own label.

China ships most of its bulk wine from Spain, with 63m liters imported in 2017. Free trade agreements with Chile and Argentina have also seen a big increase in bulk shipments from both countries, with 56m liters of Chilean wine imported in 2017 and 37m of Australian wine. They are followed by France (11m), South Africa (7.9m), Portugal and Italy. Up to two-thirds of Chile’s exports to China are now in bulk wine.

Chinese Consumer having the bottle of Private label Wine

Understanding bulk wine

All three events follow a similar format with a trade exhibition featuring leading wineries, producers, importers, and wholesalers, combined with a high-level conference programme covering the key bulk wine issues in the respective countries.

The theme for the forthcoming San Francisco event is “Bulk up your Bottom Line” and how important bulk and bottled in market wine now is in the US where private label is taking an increasing share of the wine category.

Speakers lined up to take part include:

  • Kevin Boyer, president, and CEO, Custom Vine
  • Jeffrey P. Cody, wine buyer for Whole Foods
  • Steve Dorfman, a partner at Ciatti Company
  • Eric Guerra, chief sales and marketing Officer, Terravant Wine Co.
  • Kevin Mehra, president, and founder, Latitude Beverage
  • Ben Salisbury, president, Salisbury Creative Group

Early bird for London

Details for the second IBWSS in London are still being finalized but is expected to follow a similar theme where the emphasis will be very much on how and why bulk wine has to be part of any major wine importer, distributor or retail strategy. 

Clem Yates at IBWSS London Conference

This year’s event saw keynote talks from leading retailers, including Morrisons, bulk wine importers, bottlers and brand developers such as Kingsland Drinks, Lanchester Wines and Broadland Wineries and a wide range of wine businesses including Copestick Murray, Off Piste Wines and JF Hillebrand.

It also included insights from leading bulk wine specialists and traders Ciatti and VINEX Exchange.


The China event marks the growing importance of the overall Chinese wine market, which now has over 450 domestic wineries stretched across its six major wine producing regions (Hebei, Ningxia, Shandong, Shanxi, Xinjiang, and Yunnan).

Chinese wine drinkers with happy faces

Key issues to be covered at the China event will include:

●   What retailers are really looking for in private and bulk suppliers

●   Regulatory issues specific to bulk products

●   How retailers can build profitable private label programs

●   Private label and bulk strategy for importers and distributors

●   Trends and opportunities in the global bulk market

●   Why and how to ship in bulk to China

●   Leveraging bulk and private label best practices

●   How to market to young millennial wine drinkers in China

●   Quality challenges facing bulk wine

The show also hopes to assess how Chinese wine drinkers differ from in mainstream western markets in the US and Europe and what steps producers need to take to get around China’s regulatory rules governing wine imports.

Anyone interested in finding out more about the China event can go to www.ibwsshowchina.com

Source: The Buyer.

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