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NEAT Becomes Official Spirits Glass Sponsor for IBWSS

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IBWSS has chosen the NEAT Glass to be the official Spirits Trade Tasting Glass because of its Clear ability to Enhance Judging and Level the Competitive Playing Field by Enhancing and Intensifying Spirit Character Aromas without the Presence of Nose-Numbing Ethanol.


IBWSS has chosen the NEAT glass to be the official spirits trade tasting glass because of its clear ability to enhance judging and level the competitive playing field by enhancing and intensifying spirit character aromas without the presence of nose-numbing ethanol. 

NEAT is the ultimate spirits glass for all spirits from whiskey to vodka, clear or dark, including liqueurs and aperitifs.The NEAT glass is the official spirits judging a glass of most major spirits competitions in the USA, and many abroad invented and patented by Arsilica, Inc., Las Vegas, Nevada and distributed worldwide.  Arsilica is dedicated to changing the way the world drinks, by improving alcohol beverage drinking and evaluation experiences through seamless integration of physics, chemistry, and human physiology.  Science builds a better glass.

About NEAT Glass:

The NEAT Glass: World's first scientifically engineered, patented glass delivers flavors the distiller intended. What's hiding in your glass? Removes nose burn to smell the flavors.

Take back the decision process instead of just agreeing with the experts. It's your nose, Taste the Truth. In 2003, a simple glass blowing mistake created an amazing shape which displays the true expression of spirits and launched a new, scientific approach to glass design, which they call Naturally Engineered Aroma Technology (NEAT).

NEAT Glass

Studying human olfactory physiology and applying physical and chemistry science, They unlocked the hidden dimensions of distilled spirits with a glass that enhances drinking pleasure, enjoyment, and diagnostics. Nine years, fifty-two design revisions, hundreds of tastings and aroma profile studies developed NEAT, the perfect spirits glass.

Taste the Truth: Taste and aroma are true measures of a spirit's quality. Alcohol burn numbs the nose and overwhelms the truth, spoiling your drinking experience. Neat eliminates nose burn and numbing, enhancing ability to detect, savor, and enjoy the subtle, wonderful aromas the distiller intended.

Science Drives Design, and Form Follows Function: NEAT was tested against other spirits glasses under controlled, uniform conditions by University of Nevada at Las Vegas (UNLV) Chemistry Department to verify results, Science built a better glass.

How to Use: Pour to max bowl diameter (1 1/2 oz), swirl, hold level, and smell at the center of the rim plane for characteristic aromas without alcohol. Breathe in slowly through mouth CLOSED, evaluate. NEAT presents character aromas without alcohol. Position nose at the rim to smell alcohol and other high-end distillates. Place nose deep inside glass for aroma profile same as with tall narrow glasses (not recommended). Adding water shuts down evaporation and results in much less aroma to savor.

NEAT - The Ultimate Spirits Glass Video:


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