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Maison Rouge Wines

Maison Rouge Wines are the result of closely followed vinification, careful aging, and respect for seasons. But our sole goal is your pleasure.


Bulk Wine Selection & Negotiations. 

Maison Rouge young company was founded in 2003. Their business activity has considerably expanded thanks to the rigorous accuracy of their search on French and European wines, especially in Spain and Italy. Their sales are made in Europe, but also on emerging markets, attracted by the practical aspect of wine in bulk. Their business relations with suppliers and clients are not restricted to a contractual aspect.

The knowledge of terroirs, winemaking, languages, and culture differentiate us as well. For Maison Rouge, the quality of human relations and the respect of everyone’s interest are as important as the quality of the technical side of their work. When glasses get emptied and words come pouring out and happiness comes forth, then the wine has indeed fulfilled its duty. Pleasure across the field, for the winegrower, the oenologist, the winemaker, the retailer and last but not least for everyone who tastes it, whether just sharing a few drinks with friends, enjoying a meal or just enjoying life in the middle of a verdant field. Happiness fills the bottle pleasurably emptied.

Away with technical jargon! Despite all their hard work to achieve these subtle blends, their aim was always a voluptuous delicacy, friendships and love at first sight. Their wines are the result of closely followed vinification, careful aging and respect for seasons. But their sole goal is your pleasure. If you are happy with their efforts, then their dreams are fulfilled. Maison_Rouge_Wines


The quality of the 2001 vintage decided us to launch their project. They chose 4 of their favorite wines from the Rhône valley. A Cotes du Rhône, a Vacqueyras, a Gigondas and a Châteauneuf du Pape thus end up aging 700 meters high in the Aveyron. And pleasure starts growing. This is the beginning of their story; along with the birth of their brand Cor Hominis Laetificat which also sums up their program: To bring joy to a man's heart. Since then they have developed a whole range of other wines they are fond of, always striving towards this idea of shared pleasure.

Efficient selection of the best wines

Thanks to Maison Rouge’s wide range of suppliers, they send their clients a strict selection corresponding to their detailed description. The final choice from the client is submitted to his quality control and commercial negotiation. Then, a contract set up by Maison Rouge concludes the transaction. They will closely follow up the quality of wine and collections.  

Different Wines


Maison Rouge believes that the choice of a wine greatly depends on the company with whom you choose to drink it. This is why, rather than match their wines to specific dishes – something you can, of course, do if you so wish – they advise you to match their wines with particular occasions.

An important event

Cor Hominis Laetificat Vacqueyras, like sun out of a bottle, awakening all senses in a whirlwind of emotions.

In love?

A Cor Hominis Laetificat Gigondas will tastefully convey the strength of your feelings. The ideal wine for romantic encounters.

An epicurean gathering

Cor Hominis Laetificat Chateauneuf du Pape: simply flamboyant.

A last-minute party

Their range CO HO LA with its Côtes du Rhône WhiteRoséRed & Corbières (in Organic Conversion) to make sure you please your guests all night long!

An exotic experience

A Spanish wine: COHOYECLA, naturally powerful. 


Everything started with Cor Hominis Laetificat. The wines age in Aveyron, in an XII century cellar, at 700 meter high. Cool temperatures, quiet environment, and great appellations produced only during the best years: they want to bring exception and pleasure into your glass.

CO HO LA CO HO LA stands for Cor Hominis Laetificat, i.e. 'Gladdens the Man's Heart' This range includes AOC Côtes du Rhône White, Rosé, Red and AOC Corbières (organic). Guarantee of instant pleasure in your glass!

COHOYECLA Mourvèdre and Syrah perfectly match each other! Colorful and naturally full of sun! Yecla is an exceptional terroir located in the Sout-East of Spain. What's best than a slice of iberic ham to go with your glass of Yecla?

Maison Rouge Wines' Men and Terroirs


Bourgogne, Spain, Loire, Gascony, Languedoc, Provence, Italy, Rhone, Valley, Bourgogne