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J. B. Thome & Co. Inc. – Offering Bulk Distilled Spirits

Photo for: J. B. Thome & Co. Inc. – Offering Bulk Distilled Spirits

Meet J. B. Thome & Co. Inc. – Offering Bulk Distilled Spirits for Private Label and Craft Blends at the 2021 IBWSS San Francisco on November 9 & 10 in San Francisco.


A third generation company founded in 1977, J. B. Thome & Co. Inc. source globally in bulk from the finest producers of each distilled spirit to ensure exceptional service and consistent, high-quality spirits.

J. B. Thome & Co. Inc. can ship to qualified bottlers in quantities of 53-gallon barrel or 55-gallon drum, 275- gallon totes, up to 6,200-gallon tanks and 29,000-gallon railcars.


J. B. Thome & Co. Inc. – Celebrating 40 Years in Business

J. B. Thome & Co. Inc. is the largest volume brokerage for bulk distilled spirits based in the United States. The company has cultivated the resources that once only serviced the largest and most established of bottlers to also meet the needs of even the newest of craft blenders.

James Bert Thome founded the company in 1977, after nearly thirty years working for a large spirits producer. As a quality control manager, taster and blender, in the beginning, this took him from Louisville to Lawrenceburg, Scotland and finally Manhattan.

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In 1993, Bert’s son, Terry joined the company with the two serviced mostly larger producers and bottlers, on a brokered basis, in private label ventures. 

In 2013, Terry daughter, Heather joined the company to ensure that they could meet the unique demands of the craft market. Today, J. B. Thome & Co., Inc. is still family-owned and operated. The company strives to exceed all expectations to earn the confidence of our customers as well as our suppliers.

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About IBWSS San Francisco

The International Bulk Wine and Spirits Show (IBWSS) is an annual trade show and conference, open to trade professionals only, which takes place in San Francisco, CA. IBWSS visitors are buyers looking to meet up their demand for bulk wines, bulk spirits, private label programs, grape buying or contract manufacturing.

IBWSS LogoIBWSS San Francisco will give supermarkets, retailers, restaurants, wineries, distilleries, and other buyers a premier international platform to source bulk wine and spirits and meet private label suppliers. 

Who are exhibitors?

IBWSS exhibitors are wineries and distilleries looking to sell bulk wine and spirits, producers and negociants who offer contract manufacturing / private label programs and wineries/distilleries/importers who have one-time excess stock to clear.

Who are Visitors / Buyers?

IBWSS buyers are Wineries, distilleries, breweries, importers, distributors, retailers, national and regional chains, negociants, brokerage firms who are looking for bulk wine, bulk spirits, private label manufacturing, and grapes.


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