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Broadland Wineries: A One-Stop Shop for Wines

Broadland Wineries helps retailers optimize their wine offering, sales, and profitability and is a major bulk wine importer, bottler, and supplier of branded and private label wines.


As a major bulk wine importer, bottler and supplier of branded and private label wines, Broadland Wineries helps retailers optimize their wine offering, sales, and profitability.

Established in 1965 and has grown by an average 20% per annum throughout the last decade to its current $100m sales level, the company’s 130 strong team now serves a number of fast-growing retailers in the US, UK, and Europe. Dr. Arabella Woodrow MW leads the global bulk wine blending and sourcing team, Ben Cameron leads the packaging design team, Simon Wilkinson leads to supply chain and operations and David Durden leads the US sales team.

The company is led by CEO Mark Lansley. The company’s Brands include the single-serve wine-in-a-cup MiniVino™, the first fully vegan wine Proudly Vegan™, the innovative Festive Collection™ and the crisp and delicious Waipapa Bay™.

The company’s Private Label offering is based around the company’s FIRE capability – flexibility, innovation, reliability and efficiency and SQV values – service, quality, and value. A simple 3 step process for private label –

1. Choose a wine

2. Choose a bottle, cap and label

3. Choose opening order quantity

Broadland’s new data suggests that private/own label wines represent over 50% of UK off-premise market share but is less than 20% in the USA, thus indicating a significant profit opportunity for US retailers. Especially those retailers that under-trade in exclusive imported private label wines.

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