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Testimonials For IBWSS 2018

1. “Great execution and overall conference so far.  I am certainly excited for tomorrow's agenda.”

2. "Buyers that we have met at #ibwss17 knew exactly what they wanted, they came with a precise need and it was good to talk to them. It's been a great show for us so far!"

3. "IBWSS was an insightful conference, especially regarding the premiumization of high-quality grapes and wine."

4. "I received very positive feedback from attendees and the other speakers about the talk and I networked at the show all day afterward. I thought the energy was very good."

5. "Great to see so many of our customers and connect with our industry"

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6. "Thank you @ibwsshow for inviting us to #IBWSS 2017. We had a fantastic time and hope to be back next year!"

7. "We had a great time at the International Bulk Wine & Spirits Show!"

8. "Very positive - good contacts, serious buyers."

9. "Congrats!! Very good show!!"

10. "We met good potential quality buyers. Good representation in all the categories we were looking for - bulk, bottle + brand."

11. "Great. I was surprised."

12. "1st-time attendee didn't know what to expect but the show exceeded expectations"

13. "Met a lot of energized in market potential buyers"

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14. "Nice job! Met many that fit our niche!"

15. "Phenomenal. Many thanks."

16. "Lot of new projects with people who have never imported before."

17. "positive engagement! well done and thank you!"

18. "was a good experience overall, all facts covered including social media. Was easy to attend coming from overseas"

19. "Quality buyers, We are pleased!"

20. "The opportunity was great"

What exhibitors like the most about IBWSS

1. "Great Location Well-organized"

2. "The buyers are open to discussion and have time."

3. "Attendees came from all over the U.S. which surprised me."

Feedback for Deborah Parker Wong's talk

1. "Thank you for a great presentation."

2. "Your very well organized and engaging presentation has given me a solid overall understanding of the bulk wine industry -- thank you!"

3. “Very informative and engaging seminars. The conference expanded awareness of the bulk wine category.”

4. “I thought your talk was very interesting. Dave Phinney is a great example! Can’t wait to read your article.”

Comments from Exhibitors 

What did you like most about IBWSS?

1. "Solid sample delivery"

2. "Attendees are professional, here to do business." - David Forsyth, Four Feathers Wine Estate. 

3. "We met good quality buyers. Good representation in all the categories we were looking for - bulk, bottle, and brand." - Marla Loftus, Terressentia Corporation. 

4. "Made lots of connections and got to send samples to potential buyers in a short amount of time."

5. "Lots of industry members interested in sourcing high-quality bulk wines."

7. "Lots of attendees." - Ron Althouse, Tanks For Wine.

8. "Great opportunity for us to learn about a new market"

9. "Variety of attendees and volume of traffic." - Kevin Plate, Rethink Labels.

10. "Quick connections to companies in need of bulk wine."

11. "Great to have speakers before trade expo starts so can attend talks, Well-organized." - George Geris, Wine Brokers New Zealand. 

12. "Very interesting. Good job." - Lanxade Eric, Caves et Vignobles du gers. 

13. "We sold wine." - Justin Moran, Limecoast Wines (LCW). 

14. "Attendees came from all over the US which surprised me." - David Forsyth, Four Feathers Wine Estate. 

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