Conference Schedule

Session 1: 23 July 2019

How Emotion Drives Purchase

People rely more on emotion vs information to make their purchasing decisions. Every day, multiple decisions are influenced by how we feel. This session will look at how brands use physical experiences, social good, content, advertising and community to build deeper emotional connections with consumers.

Do you have what it takes to be a Private Label Supplier ?

Kurt lorenzi , VP of Global Sourcing at Winery Exchange will be covering the topic on "Do you have what it takes to be a private label supplier?" and explaining the points to be taken care and are required to be a private label Supplier.

What Retailers Are Looking For In Private Label Suppliers?

Market Dynamics for Bulk Wine currently and in the Future

Considering the change in Bulk wine market now and in future , Steve Dorfman will cover the "Market dynamics for Bulk Wine currently and in the Future " and present his views and analysis.

Session 2: 23 July 2019

Panel Discussion: Buyers Panel

Moderated By Bill Abrahamson Panel Includes:

Darrin Baumunk, Corporate Beverage Buyer, Lasco Enterprises

Maurice Dimarino, Wine and Beverage Manager, Cohn Restaurant Group

Shipping Bulk Wine Responsibly

Luke Arie will discuss how to responsibly manage bulk wine shipments, calculate and reduce carbon footprint and recycle Flexitanks.

Getting over the stigma of “Sourced” Spirits

Working in both large and small scale distillation environments, from both the production and marketing sides, David has seen the bourbon industry from many perspectives. And will be highlighting "Getting over the stigma of “sourced” spirits" topic in the conference .

Session 3: 24 July 2019

Whiskey, Wine & Winning! The Changing Role of Private Brand

Christopher Durham , President, My Private Brand & Co-Founder, Vertex Awards will be speaking on "Whiskey, Wine & Winning! The Changing Role of Private Brand". He will explain The state of Private Brand today and how retailers are using wine and spirits to differentiate and win.

Desigining your Finanacial model for Bulk Business

Evan Stein, CFO at the Thornhill Companies will be sharing his thoughts and insights on " how to design your financial model for bulk business". where he will be explaining : how to Design a robust and fluid business model , how to Generate and analyze key financial data and understand the drivers behind the numbers, how to Utilize the company's strengths - vertical Integration and Transform administrative functions to serve as key enablers for company growth and performance

How to make Profit with Sourcing Grapes

Tim Hanni from Napa wine academy will highlight the session and talk about "Utilizing and how to make profit from Souricing Grapes "The first step of every supply chain.

Trademarks: Are Your Brands Protected?

A lot of time, money and energy is spent when launching a business and developing brands. A location for the business needs to be found, the product itself developed, the packaging designed, and the brand name chosen. Sometimes during the process, things can be overlooked. Did you check to make sure your brand name is not similar to another? Did you file for trademark protection? Has someone threatened to sue you for trademark infringement? What are your rights? What can you do? Attend Donna’s session to learn about what every brand owner should know before launching the next big brand.

Session 4: 24 July 2019

Creating Private Label Brands For Retail Customers: From Concept To Consumer

Mari Kelly, Vice President Private Label Wine Sales and Business Strategy will cover and speak on “Creating Private Label Brands For Retail Customers: From Concept To Consumer”

Value of building a DTC Brand vs. 3-Tier Distribution

Jena Domingue, VP Global Sales from Winedirect will share her insights and explain the "value of building a DTC brand vs. 3-Tier distribution".

Successful brand building in the USA : Case Studies on top Four Brands

Gabe Barkely, CEO at MHW will cover the importance and tips on how to create a successful brand in USA capturing four brands's case studies.