Become Part of the Bulk Wine and Private Label Trend

Industry leaders and exhibitors will meet in California for industry’s premier event dedicated to bulk wine and bulk spirits and private label

Two of the major driving forces in the alcohol beverage industry today are bulk wine and spirits and the emergence of the private label category. Growers, producers, suppliers, and buyers are rushing to transform their business models to account for the ability to source in bulk, while retailers and on-premise establishments are dramatically expanding the range and scope of wines and spirits on offer. It’s an exciting time for the wine and spirits industry, and a big reason why both buyers and sellers are heading to California this summer, where the 3rd annual International Bulk Wine & Spirits Show (IBWSS) will take place in San Francisco on July 23-24, 2019.

This year’s IBWSS event will feature both a dynamic trade exhibition floor featuring an A-Z list of suppliers and producers, as well as a separate two-day business conference that will focus on key issues facing buyers, distributors, and producers involved in both the bulk wine and private label market segments. Given the growing buzz and excitement around the private label, there could not be a better time to attend IBWSS San Francisco. You’ll learn where the market is headed in 2020, find out about new approaches to building private label brands, and develop the types of relationships and contacts you need in order to succeed in the modern bulk wine and private label market.

IBWSS San Francisco has split into two key parts: a trade show and exhibition floor featuring many of the world’s largest brokers and producers in the bulk wine and spirits market, and a two-day business conference featuring a wide range of top industry leaders. It’s a unique opportunity to consider the bulk wine and private label market from a wide variety of perspectives: learn how retailers like supermarkets and hypermarkets view the emergence of the private label trend; get insights into what consumers (especially young millennial wine drinkers) are looking for in private label wines; and receive first-hand insights from high-profile market participants with direct experience in buying and selling in bulk.


2019 IBWSS SF Speakers

A hallmark of any IBWSS event is the ability to hear from top professionals in the field, with many of them having direct responsibility for managing the businesses that are shaping the face of the industry. At this year’s IBWSS San Francisco, you will hear from the following distinguished speakers:
Steve Dorfman, Partner at Ciatti Company. You’ve probably heard a lot about the state of the harvest in the world’s top wine regions, but what does that mean for you? Dorfman will break down, in significant detail, who is buying bulk wine. You’ll get a great idea of the pricing factors at work, and how a bumper crop for growers in one part of the world translates into the pricing in the global bulk market.
Dave Carpenter, Master Blender, Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits. Traditionally, distilleries have focused on the purity of their distillation processes, and marketing messages have highlighted the advantages of products like “single barrel” whiskey. So how do distilleries get over the perceived stigma of “sourced” spirits? Is it still possible to create a premium brand if you are sourcing in bulk from all over the world?
Christopher Durham, President, My Private Brand, and Co-Founder, Vertex Awards. In some mature European retail markets, private label brands account for more than 40 percent of the overall market. Supermarkets, hypermarkets, and discounters are rushing to create their own private label brands. Durham will discuss the current state of the private label wine and spirits market, and why private labels should be a priority for any supermarket or retailer.
Mari Kelly, VP, Private Label Wine Sales, and Business Strategy, CustomVine. It’s one thing to see private labels on a retail shelf, but do you really know how they are made and distributed? Kelly will walk participants through the process of creating private label brands for retail customers, from concept to consumer.
And that’s not all – you’ll also hear from influential industry professionals from market-leading companies such as The Family Coppola, Winery Exchange, Lasco Enterprises, Cohn Restaurant Group, Liquors Plus, The Thornhill Companies, Napa Wine Academy, WineDirect, and MHW, Ltd.
You can see the full list of speakers here. To attend the 2-day conference, please REGISTER HERE.


Throughout the two-day event, you will have plenty of opportunities for networking and developing new relationships with colleagues in the wine industry. For foreign wine suppliers, this event has become a stepping stone to gaining greater traction within the U.S. domestic wine industry, and for domestic retailers and other buyers, this event has resulted in the creation of highly successful private label wines made with bulk wine and spirits from all over the world.
A key theme of IBWSS San Francisco is developing a high-quality, innovative private label wine program that aligns well with your specific business goals. For some IBWSS participants, a new private label program can be a new source of revenue growth. For other IBWSS participants, a private label wine program can be a way to stabilize wine demand and supply. California winemakers, for example, can find new buyers for excess production, thereby ensuring that they can meet all of their upfront financial goals.
Moreover, participants will have a chance to select the exhibitors that they want to meet before the show, ensuring that they will be able to meet with exactly the right person to help transform their bulk wine and private label wine program. Check out the exhibitors here and schedule your meetings.

July 23-24, 2019. South San Francisco Conference Center, San Francisco, California.

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