2017 Conference Presentations

Session 1: 26 July 2017

How To Develop and Deliver Successful Bulk Wine Programs

Deborah Parker Wong presents several different models that are being used to develop a variety of successful bulk wine programs and the forces that are driving their success.

She’ll illustrate style and quality parameters for blends using examples from these programs, discuss best practices that help ensure quality and share forward-looking industry insights taken directly from her interviews with some of the industry’s most successful companies.

How To Make Your Online Advertising Pay Off

Most people waste most of their online advertising money. Don’t be that clueless chump! Publisher, journalist and former international exec in advertising and PR Lewis Perdue will show you the: 10 ways to get your money’s worth by defining the 2 best things online ads can do, the 3 biggest mistakes that offend viewers, and the 5 specific features that grab, hold and motivate the people you want to do business with.

Welcome and Keynote

Robert P. "Bobby" Koch is the President and CEO of the Wine Institute and will do the honors to open the 2017 IBWSS Conference and welcome you.

10 Points You Need To Include In Private Label, Bulk Wine and Spirits Distribution Agreements

Donna Hartman talks about agreements for bulk wine and spirits from the perspective of both buyers and sellers. A MUST attend session if you plan on offering bulk products to importers, retailers, and distributors.

Session 2: 26 July 2017

Factors You Must Consider When Buying Bulk Wine

So where to start, what questions to ask bulk wine suppliers, what is the right price to pay? Get answers to all your questions if you are the buyer of bulk wine.

How Current Grape Supply and Demand Affects You

Here are some important factors that you need to pay attention to if you want to capitalize on buying and selling of bulk wine or grapes. In this session, Nat DiBuduo, President of Allied Grape Growers mentions important factors like the supply and demand of the crop that affect you.


From Plonk to Cult Wines, Myths About the Bulk Wine Industry Cleared

One of the biggest misconceptions about bulk wines is that they are “cheap” wines for the most part. While it is true that millions of gallons of inexpensive wines are traded in the bulk wine market most people are surprised to learn how many high quality wines are traded from very desirable regions, and even single vineyards, like Bordeaux, the Napa Valley and choice areas of Australia and South America to name just a few. This session will clear all your myths about bulk wine and how wineries can leverage in this space.

Session 3: 27 July 2017

How Retailers Can Grow Their Private Label Brands and Grow Profits

A retail store can have a private label brand, but it can easily flounder. Bob Paulinsky MW tells you how to make it work. Hear him speak at the IBWSS Conference.

How To Start a Brand Without a Distillery

No distillery? No problem. You can still start a spirits brand. Chris Mehringer from Park Street talks at the IBWSS Conference about how you can make this happen and what regulations and permits are needed.

Optimizing Your Revenues by Selling Bulk and Private Label Spirits

If you thought that marketing a spirits brand is all that you can do, think again. Earl Hewlette from Terressentia Corporation will talk at the IBWSS Conference about how you can optimize your revenues by Selling Bulk and Private Label Spirits.

Session 4: 27 July 2017

How To Optimize Shipments of Bulk Wine and Spirits and Save

Shipping bulk wine/spirits internationally? Or trans-continentally? Or even across the state? What are your options and what is involved? Hear from Thomas Barfoed of JF Hillebrand USA at the IBWSS Conference.

The New Brand / Craft Phenomenon: An Even Better Future

Over the last two decades MHW has been the beverage alcohol industry leader in servicing new brand introductions. CEO John Beaudette discusses the changing dynamics of the industry with respect to brand proliferation, distribution landscape, and the unprecedented opportunities new brands will have over the next five to ten years

Consumers love bulk wine. Emerging techniques for navigating fine wine obstructions in the distribution channel

Emerging techniques for navigating fine wine obstructions in the distribution channel.