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Contract Winemaking Suppliers

Are you looking for contract Winemaking Suppliers? Here is a list of some of the leading contract winemaking suppliers globally.

Rack & Riddle (USA):Contract Winemaking Supplier When wine industry veterans Rebecca Faust and Bruce Lundquist first set out to establish Rack & Riddle Winery, they envisioned a leading-edge facility using premium vineyards to produce wine in the heart of the North Coast wine country. But not long into planning, their goals stretched to include a still and sparkling custom crush facility for custom crush clientele, as well as for the Rack & Riddle wine brand. Bringing together six winemakers on staff, including the sought-after skills of winemaker Penny Gadd-Coster, Rack & Riddle specializes in processes that take an incredible amount of labor, time and equipment, but that result in superior wine.Faust and Lundquist harness a combined expertise of over 40 years to create a niche in the marketplace.

It’s no small feat to make sparkling wine in the traditional méthode Champenoise. As such, most wineries don’t attempt it. Rack & Riddle unlocks the ability to create outstanding, award-winning sparkling wines for a host of brands.From small boutique wineries to large multi-national wine producers and everyone in between, Rack & Riddle provides unparalleled custom crush and winemaking services to all of our partners. We ensure our custom crush clients receive exactly what is needed, from an all-inclusive “grape to glass” experience, or by simply assisting with existing winemaking and production needs. Read more at Rack & Riddle website.

  • LCW (Australia):


2,000 tons. That’s the number of grapes they process each vintage, offering their customers flexibility in production volumes, styles, and wine varieties. Their large crop allows them to easily produce wine for the bulk buyer.

From little things, big things grow. They were built to produce premium wines in small batches, and in doing so have built a facility of considerable size. This flexibility allows them to switch between boutique and large-scale production, managing any stage of the wine process – from sourcing the fruit, to bottling the finished product.

15,000 barrels. Six million bottles. That’s the number tone-acre acre sized barrel hall can hold. With these facilities, they can offer flexible and tailored contract winemaking services to local growers, producers, and corporate partners. Read more at LCW website

  • Winegrapes Australia (Australia)

Winegrapes Australiawinegrapes_australia was established in 1992 by a community of like minded growers and wineries, focused on quality whilst striving to lead and innovate in an exciting, dynamic and competitive wine industry. Today, Winegrapes Australia represents a membership base of approximately 3,000 hectares of quality vineyards from a diverse regional and varietal portfolio.

Based in the world renowned region of McLaren Vale in South Australia, Winegrapes Australia continues to be a solution driven business and has become a single credible resource for the supply of grapes, wine, and related professional services.

On both domestic and international platforms, Winegrapes Australia has an extensive portfolio of wine resources and remains committed to providing its partners with value, sustainability, and leadership in a highly competitive marketplace.

  • Sonoma Wine Co: (USA)

Sonoma Wine CompanyWith six modern bottling lines at Sonoma Wine Company, they have the flexibility and capacity to suit nearly any volume bottling. Whether labeling a small private label project or contracting a 20,000 case per day run, they can handle your program with experience and precision that we can deliver on time.

  • Delicato Family Vineyards (USA)

Delicato Family Vineyards is one of the fastest growing wine companies in the world, celebrating 90+ years of California winemaking and grape growing heritage. Family-owned and operated since the company’s founding in 1924, three generations of Indelicato family have fostered the winery’s commitment to innovation, quality, and environmental stewardship – cornerstones that have harnessed the family’s long-term focus and solidified the winery as an internationally recognized leader in the industry.

  • Alivisa (Spain)

AlviAlvisa was founded in 1969 by Garvey Group. In 1984, Alcoholes y Vinos, S.A. was acquired by the world famous Japanese group Suntory. Traditional distillation methods have been combined with modern innovative technologies to achieve the best quality of the final product. Our emblematic  French Charentais alembics distil soft and complex brandies as Alvisa XO.

In 2006, Alcoholes y Vinos, S.A. (Alvisa Spirits) became part of Alvisa Group. Careful selection of raw material wines for distillation is a key point to quality and quantity. In 2014, Alvisa has finished the acquisition of Altizia neighboring winery, renamed Alvisa Wines with production capability up to 40ML of wine materials per year (tanks and barrels).

  • Lutzville Vineyards (South Africa): In 1963, Lutzville winery was born. From this time, Lutzville has continued to grow and produce elegant, honest, fruit forward, easy drinking wines from South Africa’s West Coast. Although the landscape has changed, the quintessential West Coast character remains the same. From the moment you open and enjoy a bottle of Lutzville, you will experience the warmth, purity and pioneering spirit of the West Coast. Venture off the beaten track and discover Lutzville wines.
  • Cantine Italia (Italy)

Contract_Winemaking_Suppliers_italyA 100% Italian winery that comes from a history and experience arising from throughout the country. The best Italian wines are produced every day by our experts, thanks to the joint work of winegrowers, winemakers and other figures involved from the land to the winery.

High quality and great wines are therefore synonymous with convivial moments of great taste, happiness, and harmony.

Their wines are the result of careful selections that took place over the course of years of improvements but respecting the variety tradition. Obviously, they contained their choice to the most popular wines, the most successful ones or where they get more consensus, in any case, their list is constantly updated and every year they add new products. website and their sales executives are available for further information.

  • Agajanian Vineyards (USA)

agajanian_vineyardsThey are a full-service wine grape merchant working with wineries to locate, procure, and inspect wine grapes from all over California. They work with growers to market and sell their wine grapes. Click below to see what grapes they have available now.

Let Agajanian Vineyards assist you in finding exceptional values on premium bulk wine. Our mission is to provide quality grapes, grape juice and premium bulk wine to their clients.

  • Peltier Winery (USA)

Peltier Winerypeltier-winery is an innovative, cutting edge winery and custom crush facility.Their mission is to produce and create outstanding wines from their sustainably farmed, certified green, estate grew vineyards.Their passion is to enhance good food with exceptional wine and share this experience with everyone. Whether it be in their Tasting Room (Now Open Daily!), domestically or globally, they want all to know their passion for wine, food, family, and friends. So they invite you to taste the passion and experience the lifestyle that is Peltier Winery.

  • Mamerto de la Vara (Spain)

contract_winemaking_spain Winemaking SuppliersIn our 75 year history, Mamero de la Vara has been adapting to the market and the changing needs of our customers.

They have a production capacity over 3,500,000 lbs. They have a cold stabilization plant with a daily capacity of 4 million BTU and a storage capacity of more than 125,000 liters in stainless steel deposits.Their facilities include filtration and microfiltration systems and a bottling plant, with an automated Bag in Box packaging line.

Their plant has been designed down to the smallest detail, in order to work efficiently and functionally, without losing sight of the artisan´s tradition. Only in this way can They supply each customer with the kind of wine that he/she needs in the most suitable format.

  • Growers Wine Group (Australia)

Growers Wine Group Winemaking SuppliersGrowers Wine Group is a business consortium of four local Riverland wine growers. The winery is strategically positioned on the eastern perimeter in the key grape growing region of the Riverland, South Australia.

Growers Wine Group provides every step of the Winemaking process from crush and ferment through to wine ready for bottling, including pre-vintage grape analysis, laboratory services, and wine management for both domestic and international wine sales.

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