Pau Roca Blasco

Secretary general of the Spanish Wine Federation

Pau Roca Blasco (1958) combines his scientific academic background with a degree in Biology, a career in the private business sector and a mastery of public and administrative activities in the wine sector. From his post as Secretary General of the Spanish Wine Federation he has held positions of representation in various bodies, both in European institutions and national public administrations. In the OIV he has been an expert member of the Economic Analysis, Markets, and Consumption group (ECOMAR) and chaired the Law and Consumer Information group (DROCON). He is currently vice-president of the Sustainable Development and Climate Change group (ENVIRO).

The main lines of action promoted by the nomination of Pau Roca for the Directorate General of the OIV are:

  • To showcase the OIV as an international, technical-scientific reference body and strengthen its role as a facilitator of the international trade of vine products.
  • To expand the representation of the OIV by bringing on board potential members who are key players in the production, trade, and consumption of vine products.
  • To strengthen the credibility and operating effectiveness of the organization to assure members a service aimed at progressing in the sector on a global scale.
  • To continue improving procedures to rationalize the participation of experts and delegates, with special attention to small delegations and focusing on the digitization of processes.
  • To progress in adopting criteria and measurable commitments in environmental, economic and social sustainability so the wine sector contributes to preserving the natural environment, using resources responsibly and renewing and bringing wealth to the territory.
  • To intensify the involvement of the private sector in the OIV throughout the value chain, production, trade, and industry to ensure that compliance with the aims and goals of the OIV reach the final beneficiaries and earn permanent returns on the situation, problems, and development of economic activity in the wine sector.
  • To develop private partnerships in developing projects within the strategic plan, through agreements that will maximise the contribution.


From 1992

Secretary general of the Spanish Wine Federation (FEV)


Vice-president ECOVIDRIO (Integrated system for glass recycling)


Director Federación Española de la Industria y Comercio Exportador de Vinos, vinos


aromatizados, vinos espumosos, vinos de licor, mostos, mistelas y vinagres (FEICEV)


Director EXPOLIVA’89 Jaén. (International Fair of Olive Oil and Allied Industries)


Technical Director. Félix Gasull, S.A. Reus (Tarragona). Olive Oil trade.


Start up of a trading company in almonds, hazelnuts and agricultural commodities in


Brussels (Link Trade and Services, S.A.)


Oceanography: Research Assistant (July- August 1982) and Visiting Scientist (February- June 1983)


Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences (Maine, USA).


Spanish observer (April 1984) in Varifront-6 (NATO/US NAVY program) in the Alborán sea.



Vice-president of the expert group “Environment and climate change” (ENVIRO)


President of the expert group “ Law and consumer information” (DROCON)


Member of the expert group ”Markets and Consumption” (MARCON)


Candidate to Director general. International Office of Wine and Vine.



President Commission for the reform of the CMO at Comité Européen des Entreprises Vins.


Member of the Board of Directors of ECOVIDRIO.


Member of the EU permanent Wine and CAP group (European Commission)


Vice-president of the International Committee at the Food and Drink Industry Federation (FIAB)


Member of the International Commission at the Spanish Confederation of Employers'


Organizations (CEOE)



University Graduate in Biology (Licenciate). University of Barcelona.


Diploma “Specialization in Oils and Fats” . Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC).


Instituto de la Grasa y sus Derivados. Sevilla.


Courses in Business Administration. Boston University- Vrige. Universitat van Brussel. Bruselas


Course “States and Firms in the International Economy”. London School of Economics. London.


Spanish, English, French and Catalan.


Chevalier de l‘Ordre du Mérite Agricole (France)


Command of the Civil Order Alfonso X the Wise (Spain)