Hend Letaief, PhD

Hend Letaief is the Technical Director at Enartis USA since May 2016. Her fascination for wine chemistry started when she was studying food engineering in Tunisia and continued when she relocated to Europe. She earned a master’s degree in viticulture and enology from Montpellier SupAgro and a Ph.D. in food science and technology from the University of Turin. Before she joins Enartis, Dr. Letaief was assistant professor of wine chemistry at California State University, Fresno.

She worked on projects related to oxygen management, grape texture and phenolic extractability. She is the author of Winemaking Process in Valorization of Winemaking By-Products and Texture Analysis for the Definition of Wine Grape Quality. In her current position, Hend coordinates all technical aspects of Enartis USA. She manages technical support provided by Enartis winemakers and application specialists.

Hend also manages research projects developed by Enartis in the Unites States, working in collaboration with the American Universities and Enartis research teams around the world. In addition, she leads educational programs throughout the country through workshops and seminars.