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Boland Cellar is a regional specialist with a long history of producing internationally-acclaimed wines.

From its humble origins, Boland has grown over 75 years to become an international producer of fine wine, competing on a global scale. Extensive prime vineyards across the Cape Coastal Region guarantee consistency in style and quality year after year, which, with collaboration, dedication and expertise, have led Boland Cellar to become one of South Africa’s top wine brands.

Boland Cellar

They are the most recent in our 40-year legacy of international wine awards and trophies here.

The captivating history of Boland Cellar in Paarl dates back to the late 1930s and the early 1940s.

In 1939 some 40 wine farmers of the Boland region came together to begin collectively were pressing their grapes. Soon their joint production was too large for the existing facilities to handle and the group broke up, at which point nine bold farmers from the Paarl area, determined to continue their collaboration, decided to head out on their own and took the courageous step of forming their own winery on 17 June, 1941. Today, that winery is known as Boland Cellar.

Their growing partners’ vineyards cover approximately 1,900 hectares (almost 4,700 acres) in area across the Cape Coastal Region – from Paarl and Malmesbury to Durbanville and the Berg River Valley. The variations in terroir and climate across these areas create regional expressions of each varietal, giving their dynamic and award-winning winemaking team the opportunity to create wines of both high quality and distinctive character.

The Cape Coastal Region is unique in its myriad of different terroir and climatic zones, producing some of the finest expressions of the varietals grown. Through collaboration with different growers across this region, Boland Cellar brings together grapes from a variety of different climatic zones, and blends them with their knowledge of the region and our wine-making expertise to create exceptional wine.

Boland Cellar

Among the climatic zones we draw on are the Paardeberg and its surrounds, well-known for producing exceptional Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc and Shiraz; the Drakenstein Mountain Slopes, which have lower yields, but very high quality grapes; the Swartland Border Area, which traditionally produces grain, but is now also renowned for its robust, full-bodied Pinotage and Shiraz; the coastal areas, ideal for Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, and lastly the Berg River Valley, which favours white varietals, and consistently delivers a high quality harvest year after year.

Boland Cellar has been lauded as one of Paarl’s most progressive cellars, and we constantly strive to meet international accreditation standards.

Boland is IPW and HACCP accredited and has BRC accreditation through its bottling facilities. Boland Cellar is a shareholder in its bottling facility and is therefore able to ensure strict adherence to international quality assurance standards.

Boland Cellar also obtained full WIETA accreditation in 2016.

Wines Inspired by Nature

Great wine is not determined by a single element. It’s not just the terroir, with its soil and its rocks. It’s not just the summer sun, or winter’s chill. Each grape is the result of the collaboration between nature’s different elements – elements that shift and change and can prove fickle, but can also produce greatness. Like nature, Boland Cellar has chosen to work together with farmers and growers across a broad range of climates and terroir, taking the collaboration that was begun by each vine all the way to your glass.

Pioneers of Boland Cellar

The idea and spirit of collaboration has inspired Boland Cellar since its founding, and we are proud to have remained pioneers of collaboration in the South African wine industry for more than 75 years.

History is filled with great collaborations. They have changed the face of culture and technology, of music and art. Through it we are able to create something better, something that no individual could have created alone.

Since Boland Cellar’s formation in 1941, their ethos of collaboration has been at the heart of everything we do. The exceptional quality, style, consistency and service we offer is built on working together with growers, employees and suppliers, talented winemakers, and, of course, nature. Together, we are able to craft outstanding wine for our loyal customers.

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10 Movers and Shakers in the Wine Business

We know of the most popular wine Business and brands from stack displays on retail floors, advertisements and from what everyone is drinking. But, we are not always aware of the people behind these brands.So, here’s a peek at the 10 who’s who of the wine industry worldwide:

Stephanie Gallo

Stephanie, Vice President of Marketing at E&J Gallo Winery, is the granddaughter of Ernest Gallo, co-founder of E&J winery. This is the largest winery  in the world in terms of acreage, with 16,000 acres in California and is in its 82ndyear of operations. Far from being complacent about her legacy, Stephanie has an infectious go-getter attitude. Her dream is that wine should replace beer and cocktails. She understands the changing attitude of millennials who no longer view wine as an elitist beverage to be enjoyed at a fancy dinner. Her vision entails manufacturing wine for the masses and casual drinkers, and breaking the traditional practices of wine marketing and merchandising. E&J’s popular offering Barefoot priced at 6$ per bottle is a step towards realizing her vision.

Eduardo Guilisasti

CEO of Viña Concha y Toro is the proud recipient of the Wine Intelligence 10 for 10 Business Award. Headquartered in Santiago, Chile, Concha y Toro enjoys the reputation of being the largest producer of wines from Latin America. A humble man who unabashedly expressed deep gratitude and appreciation for the efforts of his team on being presented the award for the best businessman of Chile 2015. Eduardo Guilisasti has devoted his entire professional life to Viña Concha y Toro. He is a hands-on executive, a resourceful manager who understands the value of working with a network. He patiently listens to his executives, supports innovation, identifies good ideas, evaluates them and implements them efficiently.

Marcia Mondavi Borger

(Partner Continuum) Founded in 2005 as a partnership between Marcia, her brother Tim and father Robert Mondavi, Continuum is located in Napa valley on the Pritchard Mountains. Robert Mondavi himself is a legend in the wine industry, and was instrumental in bringing the Napa Valley to the global stage.

The company makes bespoke wines under the leadership of its globetrotting founder Marcia Mondavi. Her affair with wine started in childhood and continued through her growing years. A highly focused lady, Marcia decided early on to produce a single wine of the highest quality. Her passion is to realize the vision of her father by bringing excellent wine, gourmet food and exceptional art together. Marcia devotes most of her time at Continuum so that her discerning customers can continue relishing the superior taste of its unique wine offerings which are a blend of the Cabernet families growing on the hillside of Napa.

Roger Trinchero

Roger is the President and CEO of Trinchero Family Estates. This winery is accredited with providing the world with its first ever White Zinfandel in the 1970s, thanks to the pioneering work of Roger’s brother, Bob Trinchero. An avid sportsman since childhood, Roger joined the Sales and Marketing division of Sutter Home Winery owned by his father and uncle in 1972. The business scaled new heights under Roger’s leadership, with Sutter Home soon becoming the top-selling premium varietal wine brand in America. Roger’s series of breakthrough packaging innovations and marketing programs include the VinLoc© non-cork closure, single-serve varietals, and award-winning advertising and promotion campaigns. They gave Sutter Home a huge competitive edge and established it as America’s leading premium varietal wine brand. Roger launched Trinchero in 1998 in the honor of its founder, Mario Trinchero. Under his astute leadership,Trinchero, Napa Valley, has risen to the position of the fourth largest wine producer in America.

John Casella

Despite hailing from a long line of Italian winemakers and practically growing up at the winery in Yenda, in New South Wales, Australia John attended Charles Sturt University in Wagga Wagga to formally study the art of winemaking.His passion and talent in winemaking bagged him a job at the Riverina Estate in 1983. During his tenure at Riverina Estate, the winery grew to approximately six times it’s original capacity.  John became Managing Director of Casella Wines, his family business, in 1994. With a vision of producing par excellence Australian wine for the world, John launched “Yellow Tail” in 2001.The quintessential wine with its iconic “Kangaroo” label, catapulted to the status of the number one imported wine in America and Canada.

Today, 12 million cases of Yellow Tail are exported to more than 50 countries worldwide annually. Yellow Tail has defeated competition to become the Most Powerful Australian Wine Brand in the world. Globally, it is the 4thmost powerful wine brand. Casella Wines is a huge buyer of bulk wine in Australia. Of late, the company has been on an acquisition spree. They recently acquired Peter Lehman Wines in South Australia for $ 57 million.

Richard Sands

Heading America’s second largest wine company, Constellation Brands, Richard Sands is a real entrepreneur and a keen businessman who prefers to keep a low profile and let his work speak for him; unusual in the headline-grabbing wine industry. He is a Ph.D. in Social Psychology, but switched paths to join his family business of wine, going backthree generations. Left on his own at the age of 28, he has been churning a steady growth for Constellation.The big letter day started about a decade ago when the company began acquiring wine businesses across the globe. Its’ multi-category strong presence includes erstwhile businesses – UK winemaker Matthew Clark, Canada’s Vincor International, Ravenswood, BRL Hardy from Australia, and the fine winemakers Franciscan Estates. This amazing leader is also a creative furniture crafter himself, carrying on his passion for all things exotic!

Michelle Terry

Fresh, young, innovative and armed with a rich experience of the corporate world that includes Anderson Consulting, Marks and Spencer, Ernst & Young, Ascension and Accenture, Michelle Terry brought along the learnings from his diverse and varied experience into the wine industry.

She is a specialist in brand strategy management and the MD of Lindeman’s, Yellowglen and other wines of Treasury Wine Estates (TWE). She takes pride in giving the consumer the experience of ‘sunshine in a bottle’, the synonym for many when it comes to Australian Wine, primarily Chardonnay. A marathon runner by hobby, she has a firm handle on managing a portfolio that comprises of 18 brands and a whopping 10 million cases of wine sold across the globe. Michelle believes in going along with the changing trends and tastes of the new millennium and being at the forefront of this change when it comes to wine.

Michael Clarke

He is the present MD and CEO of Treasury Wine Estates, Australia and New Zealand. With 20 years of rich corporate experience across global conglomerates, which include Kraft Foods, Coca Cola and Reebok International, CEO of UK’s Premier Foods, Michael Clarke turned his attention to the lucrative wine business. After a loss of AUD $100.9mn the previous year, Michael Clarke turned the tables around, clocking an impressive AUD$77.6mn profit in 2015. TWE produces leading wine brands like Penfolds, Rosemount,Wolf Blass and Saltram Wines.The company clocked a half year net profit of AUD $60.6mn, up from AUD $42.6mn on March 2016, and publicly reported a major turnaround of the business under his guidance.

Alexandre Ricard

He is a French businessman with a family legacy of distillers. Yet, he followed the path of Finance and Accounting, passing out from the Wharton School of Business. A successful stint in M&A at Accenture and Morgan Stanley helped him gain a wider perspective of the winemaking industry . In 2003, family ties brought him back to the love of wines. He moved into the family business, joining the Audit, and then,the Finance team, in Irish Distillers, Dublin. His astute business sense saw him take over as CEO of Jameson Whiskey brand. He has recently shouldered the responsibility of being the Chairman and CEO of Pernod Ricard, the second largest distiller of the world by sales. He is the youngest CEO of the top 40 companies in the Paris Stock Market. The company owns dozens of brands in whiskey, vodka and wine. Their premium brand of wine called the Pernod Ricard Winemakers is one of the finest global brands with an exclusive range of innovative wines such as Jacob’s Creek, Brancott Estate and Graffigna.

Rajeev Samant

The father of the wine industry in India, this trendsetter was born in Mumbai, and qualified from – Stanford University.  After a short stint in Silicon Valley, he gave up his job and went traveling the world, finally settling in the outskirts of Nashik near rural India. It is here that he realized that Nashik had the perfect climate to grow grapes and hence, took up the opportunity to own a vineyard. Thus was born Sula Vineyards, India’s largest winery, in 1998. Rajeev is a pioneer, who has facilitated the growth of a thriving wine industry in Nashik. Sula has introduced varietals such as Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling and Zinfandel. Sula was the first winery from India to have been picked up by Wine Spectator in 2002 and has been getting global accolades ever since.

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