Meet Mamerto De La Vara : One of the Leading Wine Producer from Spain at IBWSS 2017

Mamerto De La Vara has been more than 75 years in the wine industry. They have been adapting at all times to the market and the ever-changing needs of their customers.

This evolution allows them to arrange and put at their service – today facilities with a surface area of 7,800 m2, of which 3,100 correspond to warehouses of processing, aging and storage. They have a total capacity of more than 3,500,000 lts, cold stabilization plant with 117,500 gallon capacity bulk wine, bag in box and bottled. Located in the center of a privileged region for vineyard growing, with a long tradition of sweet wines production.

They have a cold stabilization plant with a capacity of more than 1 million frigorías daily, with a capacity in the plant of more than 125,000 lts. In isothermal reservoirs, filtration systems, microfiltration and bottling plant, as well as an automated packaging line in Bag in Box.

Their plant has been designed to the last detail to work efficiently and functionally, bringing up to date and without losing at all the artisanal condition that has always characterized their manufacturing activity. This allows the company to supply each customer with the type of wine they need, in the most appropriate format, with a recognized and careful quality and always at very competitive prices, with an unbeatable quality/price ratio.

They are experts in making wine for their customers and they specialize in liqueur wine, vermouth, and flavored wines.


Mamerto De La Vara Services :

They are a winery with the vocation of service to the wine sector.

  • Bottling Service: 
  • In their bottling plant, one can use their own brand and design. They also offer you the option of using the automated packaging line in the bag in box.

  • Exporting Experience: 
  • They put their knowledge at one’s disposal in the area of export, which has allowed them to obtain different awards internationally. They adapt the product to their target market.

  • Seriousness And Reliability:
  • Their seriousness and reliability, as well as a long experience and proven professionalism, empower them today as leaders in the sector of sweet wines, in terms of volume, quality, and professional prestige.

Specialist in Fortified, Sweet, Liqueur, Vermuts and Aromatized Wines

They can adapt their production and provide you with the type of wine you need, from complete tanker trucks to less than 1,000 liters.

They can also bottle your product directly in your facilities, as they have a bottling plant of their own. One can choose the presentation format that suits them the best, both in the traditional glass bottle and other formats, such as bag in box.

Their team can advise you about the options related to the labeling, the classes of existing caps, the different types of glass or any other topic related to the process and presentation of the product.

75 Years Creating Quality Wines


Three generations in their family have been fully dedicated to offering to their customers the best of their land through their white cepages such as Muscat, Malvasia, Merseguera and Macabeo, and red cepages, Bobal and Monastrell.
Each harvest brings us sweet musts, with ruby red and golden colours, fruity and fragant aromas, rounded by the oak wood.
They are experts in making wine on demand for their customers and they are specialized in fortified wines, vermouth and flavored wines.

Superior Quality Internationally Recognized

Mamerto De La Var

The quality of their wines, both in bulk and bottled, has been internationally awarded on multiple occasions with the highest awards, such as the  World Bulk Wine Exhibition (Amsterdam), the world’s largest winery and wine industry meeting, combining Gold Medal In 2013 and the only Grand Gold Medal awarded in 2014.

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Mamerto De La Var

Pro Bulk Wine

Pro Bulk Wine can Design Your Wine

At your request, Pro Bulk Wine will design the ideal wine blend for your market.Over years of working with local producers, they have developed and excellent relationship that allows them to make the best out of their different batches. They taste their batches for you, select the best ones and those which suit your needs, and blend them in order to create your next award winning wine.

Pro Bulk Wine
will help you define how your wine should taste, design the ideal product, and find it. With their technical support, you can be sure that you will obtain QUALITY and CONSITENCY.

They will share their knowledge and local presence in order to find the best products for your market. Chile and Argentina have many different climates, varietals and soils: they offer altogether a wide enough range of products to satisfy your needs.


Pro Bulk Wine are professional blenders, and they will use their skills and long term experience to create the best wine according to your requirements.

Find The Ideal Supplier(s)
It is challenging for a foreign bulk wine buyer, to find the supplier(s) that will satisfy his requirements (volume, pricing, quality…).

Avoid spending time tasting wines that are just NOT WHAT YOU WANT.

They have a large portfolio of trustworthy suppliers from Chile and Argentina with their productive capacity, their varietals and other strategic information. They are able to determine very quickly which supplier(s) can fit your needs.

Take advantage of their network for your benefit!


Create The Best Value Wine

Give them your price, volume, and wine profile. They will work to find what you need and respect your deadlines. But most importantly, they have access to the different wines of the supplier, and therefore, they are able to get the best value out of his different wines and qualities.

They don’t just send samples of existing batches; they make the best wine at your price point.

They are oenologists and agronomists
, experienced in the process of elaborating high end wines, as well as entry level wines. They can demand the same high work standard from their suppliers for bulk wines as for high end wine without affecting the cost per liter. Since wine is their passion, they focus on quality and they are extremely precise in their wine process and instructions, which they personally supervise in order to achieve the best result possible.

Their experience in the wine industry, delivering to the most demanding wine sellers in the world has given them a deep understanding of how the wines have to be according to the markets where they will be consumed. The quality and consistency of the product are essential. They are here to give you that guarantee.

Blending, a specific knowledge important to the final product, is among their best skills, and is the key to achieving a good quality/price ratio.

They also have an excellent network of local contacts: of grape and wine suppliers, oenological products, and filtering services. They know the best services related to bulk wine transportation in South America.

Avoid Spending (too much!) Time Abroad

They strongly believe it is crucial for any wine buyer to know the country where they are buying from very well. And they won’t stop you for coming to the beautiful countries they live in!

However, with their local assessment they can seriously improve your tastings:

  • Previously, define your product specifications with you, as detailed as possible, according to your knowledge of your market.
  • Accordingly, select a mix of suppliers to create a customized product according to your specifications within your budget.
  • Finally, present you with a portfolio of real options that match your needs and still give you the option to choose.

Let them help you organize your wine tastings and improve the time you spend abroad.

Experienced Professionals

Passionate, professional and trustworthy, they are a group of enthusiastic winemakers and agronomists, determined to be a part of the wine world’s market incredible transformation of the last 20 years. Based in Chile and Argentina, of different nationalities and cultures, their common interest is their love for wine. Bringing together strategic information of the wine market and highly skilled oenologists, they have created this unique concept of quality bulk wine sourcing from Chile and Argentina.

Pro Bulk Wine Team

Luca Hodgkinson

General Manager, Oenologist, co-founder

French Oenologist, born and raised in Barcelona. Studied Oenology and Viticulture in France, Toulouse and Bordeaux, ended his studies with a Master delivered by the Faculté d’Oenologie de Talence-Bordeaux. He then worked in France, Italy and Spain. He became technical manager in Chile for Francois Lurton and successfully converted the vineyards into organic viticulture, and was finally appointed as South American Technical manager based in Mendoza for both operations in Chile and Argentina. Fluent in 5 languages, with winemaking experiences in 3 continents, he is a recognized wine blender. He has succeeded in delivering large volumes of wine from Chile and Argentina to the most important wine buyers in the USA and Europe, as well as Asia. 

Sebastian San Martín

Agronomist Engineer, Oenologist, co-founder

Chilean Winemaker, with extensive international experience, Sebastian has created wine projects from beginning to end and is a talented taster and blender. He has worked as a consultant for boutique wineries and has developed extensive knowledge of local suppliers and networks in Argentina and Chile. He has been in charge of responding to wine requirements involving every quality level, from high end wines to low end wines. He has extensive commercial experience and a profound knowledge of developing new wine brands in different markets.
Among his latests experiencies he was appointed as technical manager for Argento Wine Company, the leading wine brand from Argentina.

Claudio Vallejo

Agronomist Engineer, co-founder

Claudio has been involved in many different areas of the Chilean wine industry. His thesis was a complete analysis of the wine export market. He then collaborated in diverse wine projects for CORFO, the Chilean government’s production development corporation. After this, he was in charge of generating periodic statistical analyses and information for CHILEVID, an association of producers of fine wines for exportation. He continued to expand his expertise in the wine industry as project engineer for the Corporación Chilena del Vino (Chilean Wine Corporation).

Claudio has also undertaken private ventures in the wine industry. His academic and professional experience in conjunction with his experience as an entrepreneur have given him a keen understanding of the value of opportune, accurate, and reliable information for Chilean wine producers. This insight led him to create the Wine Export Industry Intelligence Modular System in 2005. As a result of a complex process of induction, learning, and improvement, in 2007 this system evolved into today’s INTELVID Ltda., a company pioneer in its field, designed to provide the Chilean wine export industry with statistical data.

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Discover Unique Quality Wines from Boland Cellar at IBWSS 2017

Boland Cellar is a regional specialist with a long history of producing internationally-acclaimed wines.

From its humble origins, Boland has grown over 75 years to become an international producer of fine wine, competing on a global scale. Extensive prime vineyards across the Cape Coastal Region guarantee consistency in style and quality year after year, which, with collaboration, dedication and expertise, have led Boland Cellar to become one of South Africa’s top wine brands.

Boland Cellar

They are the most recent in our 40-year legacy of international wine awards and trophies here.

The captivating history of Boland Cellar in Paarl dates back to the late 1930s and the early 1940s.

In 1939 some 40 wine farmers of the Boland region came together to begin collectively were pressing their grapes. Soon their joint production was too large for the existing facilities to handle and the group broke up, at which point nine bold farmers from the Paarl area, determined to continue their collaboration, decided to head out on their own and took the courageous step of forming their own winery on 17 June, 1941. Today, that winery is known as Boland Cellar.

Their growing partners’ vineyards cover approximately 1,900 hectares (almost 4,700 acres) in area across the Cape Coastal Region – from Paarl and Malmesbury to Durbanville and the Berg River Valley. The variations in terroir and climate across these areas create regional expressions of each varietal, giving their dynamic and award-winning winemaking team the opportunity to create wines of both high quality and distinctive character.

The Cape Coastal Region is unique in its myriad of different terroir and climatic zones, producing some of the finest expressions of the varietals grown. Through collaboration with different growers across this region, Boland Cellar brings together grapes from a variety of different climatic zones, and blends them with their knowledge of the region and our wine-making expertise to create exceptional wine.

Boland Cellar

Among the climatic zones we draw on are the Paardeberg and its surrounds, well-known for producing exceptional Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc and Shiraz; the Drakenstein Mountain Slopes, which have lower yields, but very high quality grapes; the Swartland Border Area, which traditionally produces grain, but is now also renowned for its robust, full-bodied Pinotage and Shiraz; the coastal areas, ideal for Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, and lastly the Berg River Valley, which favours white varietals, and consistently delivers a high quality harvest year after year.

Boland Cellar has been lauded as one of Paarl’s most progressive cellars, and we constantly strive to meet international accreditation standards.

Boland is IPW and HACCP accredited and has BRC accreditation through its bottling facilities. Boland Cellar is a shareholder in its bottling facility and is therefore able to ensure strict adherence to international quality assurance standards.

Boland Cellar also obtained full WIETA accreditation in 2016.

Wines Inspired by Nature

Great wine is not determined by a single element. It’s not just the terroir, with its soil and its rocks. It’s not just the summer sun, or winter’s chill. Each grape is the result of the collaboration between nature’s different elements – elements that shift and change and can prove fickle, but can also produce greatness. Like nature, Boland Cellar has chosen to work together with farmers and growers across a broad range of climates and terroir, taking the collaboration that was begun by each vine all the way to your glass.

Pioneers of Boland Cellar

The idea and spirit of collaboration has inspired Boland Cellar since its founding, and we are proud to have remained pioneers of collaboration in the South African wine industry for more than 75 years.

History is filled with great collaborations. They have changed the face of culture and technology, of music and art. Through it we are able to create something better, something that no individual could have created alone.

Since Boland Cellar’s formation in 1941, their ethos of collaboration has been at the heart of everything we do. The exceptional quality, style, consistency and service we offer is built on working together with growers, employees and suppliers, talented winemakers, and, of course, nature. Together, we are able to craft outstanding wine for our loyal customers.

Meet and Explore Boland Cellar at IBWS Show. The International Bulk Wine and Spirits Show (IBWSS) is an annual trade show and conference which will give wineries, importers, supermarkets, retailers, restaurants, distilleries and other buyers a premiere international platform to source bulk wine and spirits and meet private label suppliers. Book now and save on exhibitor rates 

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