IBWSS Expands In Europe With London As a Host City

Beverage Trade Network is pleased to announce the launch of the International Bulk Wine and Spirits Show in London on 24 & 25 January, 2018.

The International Bulk Wine and Spirits Show (IBWSS) is an annual trade show and conference, open to trade professionals only, and is set to take place at the Royal Horticultural Halls in London, UK.

IBWSS exhibitors are wineries and distilleries looking to sell bulk wine and spirits, producers and negociants who offer contract manufacturing / private label programs and wineries / distilleries / importers who have one time excess stock to clear. IBWSS buyers are other wineries and distilleries looking to meet their demand, Importers, Retailers and Distributors looking for private label programs and negociants who are looking to meet growers and producers.

IBWSS London will give supermarkets, retailers, restaurants, wineries, distilleries and other buyers a premiere international platform to source bulk wine and spirits and meet private label suppliers.

In addition to a wide range of programs running throughout the fair, the trade show will also feature a business conference dedicated to the private label and bulk wine and spirit business. With in-depth market studies and instructional seminars from some of the industry`s biggest names, the central part of the conference`s remit is to encourage sustainable growth and profitability in the bulk wine and spirit sector.

IBWSS buyers are wineries and distilleries looking to meet their demand, importers, retailers and distributors looking for private label programs, and brokers and negociants who are looking to meet new growers and producers.

“The bulk segment holds the largest market share in the wine and spirits industry,” said Sid Patel, CEO of Beverage Trade Network.  “Bulk trading is an age-old trade between producers, but we are now seeing the business take on a very impressive position across the industry. The International Bulk Wine and Spirits Show in London aims to give the bulk trade a truly dynamic trading platform where buyers can confidently conduct business with the world’s most reputable suppliers.”

As one of the leading private label and bulk wine and spirits markets in the western world, London is positioned perfectly for the fair. The UK has long developed the bulk trade and is home to many bulk traders servicing the globe.

With the launch of IBWSS London, international bulk suppliers from some of the world`s most important markets will have unprecedented access to the European market.

Pre-Registrations for The International Bulk Wine and Spirits Show are now open to domestic and international suppliers.

Exhibitors can register their interest here: https://goo.gl/forms/zeknb4r4FArYEZ1i2

IBWSS will email a discount code to pre-registered suppliers for the biggest discount for exhibitor pricing when registrations open on April 1. For more information about visiting or exhibiting at the fair, please contact Malvika Patel, malvika@beveragetradenetwork.com, phone +1 855 481 1112 (USA).

About Beverage Trade Network: Beverage Trade Network (BTN) is a leading online marketing and B2B networking platform servicing suppliers, buyers and beverage professionals in the global beverage industry. BTN provides a selection of sourcing solutions for importers and distributors as well as an extensive range of marketing and distribution services for international suppliers. BTN also runs a line-up of B2B trade shows around the world. For more information about BTN, please visit www.beveragetradenetwork.com.

Date : 24-25 January, 2018

Venue : The Royal Horticultural Hall, London, UK

IBWS Show 2018 Pre Registration Now Open, Register Here to Get the Lowest Pricing Discount Code on the Launch Day (April 1, 2017)

International Bulk Wine and Spirits Show

Meet Ancient Lake Wine Company at IBWSS

Ancient Lake Wine CompanyAncient Lake Wine Company is a custom-designed facility built to preserve the quality of the grapes. The processing starts with a gentle belt driven receiving system feeding state of the art Bucher presses.

These presses, utilizing the “Organ” system, use fewer pressing cycles to extract optimum juice yields without excessive pressures that will release unwanted phenolic characteristics. From there, juice is sent to their stainless steel tanks, which are all individually insulated creating a micro-climate for each lot of wine produced, allowing them to apply specific techniques (native or non-native fermentations, variable fermentation temperature control, etc.) to each tank.

Additionally, optimum yields are desirable for most of their customers, so they installed a ceramic plated high solids cross-flow filter to capture close to 95% of the product, which protects any non-desirable characteristics that all Diatomaceous Earth filters introduce to the wine. Because of these systems, they are able to provide all customers uniquely sophisticated, vineyard specific, high quality, high yield wines that will be sure to meet and exceed all expectations.

List of services offered by Ancient Lake Wine company –

  • Bulk Wine
  • Custom Crushing
  • Press & Go/Pressing
  • Custom Winemaking
  • Wine Storage
  • Bottling

Ancient Lake Wine CompanyThey are taking  natural products in its prime, and helping it show its maximum potential through the art of winemaking to reach their clients’ goals.  They have a strong passion in allowing the grapes to speak for themselves through the wine, helping consumers identify the region they were grown and the different characteristics each site’s terroir promotes.

In their pursuit for excellence and their client’s success, they take many educated risks to help reach an optimum flavor profile for each block of grapes they process, narrowing down winemaking techniques that are uniquely desirable.  Hence, culminating a structurally balanced, terroir expressive wine which all wine enthusiasts are sure to never forget.

Meet and Explore Ancient Lake Wine Company’s services at IBWS Show. The International Bulk Wine and Spirits Show (IBWSS) is an annual trade show and conference which will give wineries, importers, supermarkets, retailers, restaurants, distilleries and other buyers a premiere international platform to source bulk wine and spirits and meet private label suppliers. Book now and save on exhibitor rates 

Only 10 Spots are left to become an Exhibitor at the 2017 International Bulk Wine and Spirits ShowRegister Now and Join the show as an Exhibitor.

Meet Winegrapes Australia at IBWS Show

Winegrapes AustraliaWinegrapes Australia is dedicated to marketing and selling premium wine grapes and bulk wine parcels from the most recognized regions across South Australia, direct from our extensive network of growers.

Established in 1992, when a small group of McLaren Vale growers came together over a shared passion for wine, the Winegrapes Australia collective now includes more than 105 growers across 12 regions, 2,200 hectares of vineyard and 900 individual blocks of fruit—including certified organic and biodynamic grapes.

The business has grown to include a large number of growers from across South Australia, with an expanded offering of both grape varieties and wines. Wholly owned by growers, Winegrapes is dedicated to producing some of Australia’s finest grapes, and now, exceptional wines tailor made to your requirements.

Winegrapes Australia

Based in the world renowned region of McLaren Vale in South Australia, Winegrapes Australia continues to be a solution driven business and has become a single credible resource for the supply of grapes, wine and related professional services.

On both domestic and international platforms, Winegrapes Australia has an extensive portfolio of wine resources and remains committed to providing its partners with value, sustainability and leadership in a highly competitive marketplace.

Supplied to your Requirements – 

Winegrapes Australia can supply grapes to your requirements from estate-grown single vineyards through to sub-regional options to provide diversity for blending. And if you’re looking for a particular variety or region, they can source it for you.

Winegrapes Australia can also supply bottle ready wines direct to you for packaging, or produce a finished bottle product to your specification, right through to a fully branded package, ready for retail.

Winegrapes AustraliaFor all your winemaking needs, meet Winegrapes Australia at the IBWS Show in San Francisco, California. The International Bulk Wine and Spirits Show (IBWSS) is an annual trade show and conference which will give wineries, importers, supermarkets, retailers, restaurants, distilleries and other buyers a premiere international platform to source bulk wine and spirits and meet private label suppliers. Book now and save on exhibitor rates 

Only 10 Spots are left to become an Exhibitor at the 2017 International Bulk Wine and Spirits ShowRegister Now and Join the show as an Exhibitor.

Bulk Wine Shipping Companies

After a successful grape harvest, wine producers around the world have to analyze all the possible logistics of transportation alternatives to export their products overseas. Wine can be either bottled at the winery of source, or sent abroad in a bulk tank for its subsequent packaging. At first this might sound like an easy task, but in reality there are many aspects to be taken into account. This article presents the shipping companies which handle logistics of bulk wine.

Here we list out five major Bulk Wine Shipping Companies
JF Hillebrand USA

JF Hillebrand USA.jpg

Headquartered in Rahway, New Jersey, JF Hillebrand USA handles both domestic and international import and export beverage logistics involving over 90 countries worldwide.  JF Hillebrand USA also has branch offices in the heart of California wine country (Napa) and in Hollywood, Florida (near Miami) serving the US, Caribbean and Central American markets. When transporting beverages, companies around the world have come to rely on the logistics services of JF Hillebrand. Combining expert staff, specialist knowledge and market-leading technologies, they offer a complete logistics management solution to a range of customers across the globe.

TIBA Group

TIBA Group.jpg

Flexitanks are the ideal option for ocean transportation of bulk wine. TIBA has a specialized division for the transportation of bulk liquids, which has extensive knowledge and experience in the use of flexitanks. A major concern for both exporters and importers is oxygen exposure during transportation, which could affect the quality of the wine causing it to “degrade”. For this reason, TIBA uses flexitanks that are designed specifically for bulk transportation of wine.


Kan Haul.jpg

Kan-Haul has been a leader in establishing the procedures for clean and safe transportation of liquid food products in bulk liquid tankers for close to 30 years. Industry standards governing the type of liquid food grade products suitable or compatible as previous load transported by a tanker have been made possible by the joint cooperation of shipper, receiver, and bulk food carrier. Kan-Haul has played an instrumental part in supporting and implementing usage of these standards. Kan- Haul is proud of these improvements and proud to be leading the industry in liquid food shipping.

Vintage Road Haulage

Bulk Wine Shipping

Vintage Road Haulage is a family-owned business based in Wattleup, near the naval base, south of Perth. They began operations in 1994 as a bulk wine transport company, serving the rapidly growing quality wine-producing regions of WA. Vintage Road Haulage is a transport and distribution solution for the enormous range of haulage needs in the growing state of WA. They serve the wine industry with our invaluable local and industry knowledge.



The ZIEGLER Company has always been involved in wine and spirits transportation, a specific activity sector which needs a particular expertise. Their services cover the whole of the wine and spirits supply chain, from specialized warehousing and storage of finished goods, to international freight transportation, as well as imports, customs clearance and distribution. Located in the wine growing region of Bordeaux, Ziegler France. Founded in 1908 in Brussels by Mr. Arthur Joseph Ziegler, ZIEGLER quickly developed to offer quality services in the field of transport and logistics.

Only 10 Spots are left to become an Exhibitor at the 2017 International Bulk Wine and Spirits ShowRegister Now and Join the show as an Exhibitor.

Top Five Tips for Bulk Wine Sales

From sample prepping and customer service to picking the right trade partners, successfully selling bulk wine on the spot market is a comprehensive business.  Specializing your services, marketing your product and building a long standing stales network are all part of your overall business plan, but how can you ensure you getting the best deal?

BTN interviews Steve Fredericks, CEO of Turrentine Brokerage, and has identified some best practices for getting the most out of your bulk wine for sale.

These five tips are applicable to companies that specialize in bulk production and sales to companies selling bulk wine on the spot market once every few years.

1. Think Customer Service.

Even in the bulk market, the party exchanging cash for product is a customer.  When you are just getting rid of excess inventory, buyers still need to feel they are working with a company that is professional and easy to deal with.  This may sound obvious, but few wineries apply marketing principles to wines for sale in bulk.   If you treat that bulk buyer like a real customer, pretty soon you’ll have more such customers bidding for your products, producing better prices and faster turnover.

2. Don’t Neglect It; Improve It.

Offer the best wine you possibly can.  Don’t just grab a sample from the tank.  Work with it, adjust the acid, enhance the color, clean it up, make it taste better, make it look better. Try to make lab blends that taste better than the components.  Consider sacrificing a little of your better wines in order to upgrade bulk lots.  This may be counter-intuitive, but the quality of the wine you offer in bulk will dramatically affect the quantity of dollars you get back.  Within this past year we have sold California appellation Cabernet Sauvignon for as low as $5 per gallon and as high as $10 per gallon.  We have sold Napa Valley Cabernet as high as $50 per gallon and as low as $20.  It pays to present the best blends possible.

3. Get the Wine Ready First.

There are early buyers most years and it is good to get your wines ready quickly for these buyers.  Even more importantly, never send out a sample of a wine you would not be willing to purchase yourself.  While sellers diminish defects in their own minds, buyers magnify them. Remember that the winemaker on the other end is – justifiably – suspicious.  He does not want to purchase someone else’s problem.  If one of his own wines should exhibit a little H2S, for example, he is not concerned. He knows the history of his wine and is confident it will clean up.  But if a bulk sample shows the same amount of H2S, he wonders whether someone else has already tried – and failed to clean up the wine. In fact, that might be the reason the seller is trying to offload what is otherwise a pretty good wine.  He may end up purchasing another wine he does not like as well, in other respects, but which seems safer.  The bottom line is: make extra efforts to be sure your wine is showing well – even to a suspicious buyer – before you send out that sample.

4. Prepare Samples that Sell.

It is a shame to lose a sale just because of a bad sample, but it happens all the time.  Some knowledgeable and responsible person must make sure that the sample is properly drawn and accurately represents the wine.  The sample should be clearly labeled with all of the relevant information (percentage varietal, vintage and appellation, gallons available, how stored, tank and lot number, asking price, broker information, date sample drawn, and analysis if available – Alcohol, Total Acid, pH and VA).  Samples should be sent quickly, when requested.  If the sample is going directly to a potential buyer, inform your brokers or any other partners by e-mail or phone as soon as the sample has been sent to facilitate fast, efficient follow-up.

5. Pick the Best Partners.

Finally, the most important element of selling wines in bulk is picking the right partners.  You must pick the right broker to present your wines, mediate any questions or problems and negotiate and document a sale.  If you are offering high quality wines, you will want to have a broker known for selling high premium bulk. It’s also important to ensure the partners you choose will be able to help you plan for profit around wine business cycles.

Tim HanniThis article is contributed by Steve Fredericks, CEO of Turrentine Brokerage. Steve Fredricks joined Turrentine Brokerage in 1991 as a bulk wine broker. Over the years he has established himself as an expert in the sales of bulk wine and grapes, understanding market cycles, and building long term relationships.

Meet Steve Fredericks at IBWSS Conference to learn and explore on buying bulk wine and how its works.

Get your visitor trade pass at super early bird pricing and join the industry at International Bulk Wine and Spirits Show in San Francisco. Meet more than 80 exhibitors from all over the world offering private label, bulk wine, bulk spirits and contract winemaking services. (Register online) to save and avoid gate ticketing fee)

Only 10 Spots are left to become an Exhibitor at the 2017 International Bulk Wine and Spirits ShowRegister Now and Join the show as an Exhibitor.

Contract Winemaking Suppliers

Are you looking for contract Winemaking Suppliers? Here is a list of some of the leading contract winemaking suppliers globally.

Rack & Riddle (USA):Contract Winemaking Supplier When wine industry veterans Rebecca Faust and Bruce Lundquist first set out to establish Rack & Riddle Winery, they envisioned a leading-edge facility using premium vineyards to produce wine in the heart of the North Coast wine country. But not long into planning, their goals stretched to include a still and sparkling custom crush facility for custom crush clientele, as well as for the Rack & Riddle wine brand. Bringing together six winemakers on staff, including the sought-after skills of winemaker Penny Gadd-Coster, Rack & Riddle specializes in processes that take an incredible amount of labor, time and equipment, but that result in superior wine.Faust and Lundquist harness a combined expertise of over 40 years to create a niche in the marketplace.

It’s no small feat to make sparkling wine in the traditional méthode Champenoise. As such, most wineries don’t attempt it. Rack & Riddle unlocks the ability to create outstanding, award-winning sparkling wines for a host of brands.From small boutique wineries to large multi-national wine producers and everyone in between, Rack & Riddle provides unparalleled custom crush and winemaking services to all of our partners. We ensure our custom crush clients receive exactly what is needed, from an all-inclusive “grape to glass” experience, or by simply assisting with existing winemaking and production needs. Read more at Rack & Riddle website.

  • LCW (Australia):

LCW_contract_winemaking2,000 tonnes. That’s the number of grapes they process each vintage, offering their customers flexibility in production volumes, styles and wine varieties. Their large crop allows them to easily produce wine for the bulk buyer.

From little things, big things grow. They were built to produce premium wines in small batches, and in doing so have built a facility of considerable size. This flexibility allows them to switch between boutique and large-scale production, managing any stage of the wine process – from sourcing the fruit, to bottling the finished product.

15,000 barrels. Six million bottles. That’s the number tone-acre acre sized barrel hall can hold. With these facilities, they can offer flexible and tailored contract winemaking services to local growers, producers, and corporate partners. Read more at LCW website

  • Winegrapes Australia (Australia)

Winegrapes Australiawinegrapes_australia was established in 1992 by a community of like minded growers and wineries, focused on quality whilst striving to lead and innovate in an exciting, dynamic and competitive wine industry. Today, Winegrapes Australia represents a membership base of approximately 3,000 hectares of quality vineyards from a diverse regional and varietal portfolio.

Based in the world renowned region of McLaren Vale in South Australia, Winegrapes Australia continues to be a solution driven business and has become a single credible resource for the supply of grapes, wine and related professional services.

On both domestic and international platforms, Winegrapes Australia has an extensive portfolio of wine resources and remains committed to providing its partners with value, sustainability and leadership in a highly competitive marketplace.

  • Sonoma Wine Co: (USA)

Sonoma Wine CompanyWith six modern bottling lines at Sonoma Wine Company, they have the flexibility and capacity to suit nearly any volume bottling. Whether labeling a small private label project or contracting a 20,000 case per day run, they can handle your program with experience and precision that we can deliver on time.

  • Delicato Family Vineyards (USA)

Delicato Family Vineyards is one of the fastest growing wine companies in the world, celebrating 90+ years of California winemaking and grape growing heritage. Family-owned and operated since the company’s founding in 1924, three generations of Indelicato family have fostered the winery’s commitment to innovation, quality and environmental stewardship – cornerstones that have harnessed the family’s long-term focus and solidified the winery as an internationally recognized leader in the industry.

  • Alivisa (Spain)

AlviAlvisa was founded in 1969 by Garvey Group. In 1984, Alcoholes y Vinos, S.A. was acquired by the world famous Japanese group Suntory. Traditional distillation methods have been combined with modern innovative technologies to achieve the best quality of the final product. Our emblematics  French Charentais alembics distill soft and complex brandies as Alvisa XO.

In 2006, Alcoholes y Vinos, S.A. (Alvisa Spirits) became part of Alvisa Group. Careful selection of raw material wines for distillation is a key point to quality and quantity. In 2014, Alvisa has finished the acquisition of Altizia neighboring winery, renamed Alvisa Wines with production capability up to 40ML of wine materials per year (tanks and barrels).

  • Lutzville Vineyards (South Africa): In 1963, Lutzville winery was born. From this time, Lutzville has continued to grow and produce elegant, honest, fruit forward, easy drinking wines from South Africa’s West Coast. Although the landscape has changed, the quintessential West Coast character remains the same. From the moment you open and enjoy a bottle of Lutzville, you will experience the warmth, purity and pioneering spirit of the West Coast. Venture off the beaten track and discover Lutzville wines.
  • Cantine Italia (Italy)

Contract_Winemaking_Suppliers_italyA 100% Italian winery that comes from a history and experience arising from throughout the country. The best Italian wines are produced every day by our experts, thanks to the joint work of winegrowers, winemakers and other figures involved from the land to the winery.

High quality and great wines are therefore synonymous with convivial moments of great taste, happiness and harmony.

Their wines are the result of careful selections that took place over the course of years of improvements but respecting the variety tradition. Obviously they contained their choice to the most popular wines, the most successful ones or where they get more consensus, in any case, their list is constantly updated and every year they add new products. website and their sales executives are available for further information.

  • Agajanian Vineyards (USA)

agajanian_vineyardsThey are a full service winegrape merchant working with wineries to locate, procure, and inspect winegrapes from all over California. They work with growers to market and sell their wine grapes. Click below to see what grapes they have available now.

Let Agajanian Vineyards assist you in finding exceptional values on premium bulk wine. Our mission is to provide quality grapes, grape juice and premium bulk wine to their clients.

  • Peltier Winery (USA)

Peltier Winerypeltier-winery is an innovative, cutting edge winery and custom crush facility.Their mission is to produce and create outstanding wines from their sustainably farmed, certified green, estate grown vineyards.Their passion is to enhance good food with exceptional wine and share this experience with everyone. Whether it be in their Tasting Room (Now Open Daily!), domestically or globally, they want all to know their passion for wine, food, family and friends. So they invite you to taste the passion and experience the lifestyle that is Peltier Winery.

  • Mamerto de la Vara (Spain)

contract_winemaking_spain Winemaking SuppliersIn our 75 year history, Mamero de la Vara has been adapting to the market and the changing needs of our customers.

They have a production capacity over 3,500,000 lts. They have a cold stabilization plant with a daily capacity of 4 million BTU and a storage capacity of more than 125,000 liters in stainless steel deposits.Their facilities include filtration and microfiltration systems and a bottling plant, with an automated Bag in Box packaging line.

Their plant has been designed down to the smallest detail, in order to work efficiently and functionally, without losing sight of the artisan´s tradition. Only in this way can They supply each customer with the kind of wine that he/she needs in the most suitable format.

  • Growers Wine Group (Australia)

Growers Wine Group Winemaking SuppliersGrowers Wine Group is a business consortium of four local Riverland wine growers. The winery is strategically positioned on the eastern perimeter in the key grape growing region of the Riverland, South Australia.

Growers Wine Group provides every step of the Winemaking process from crush and ferment through to wine ready for bottling, including pre-vintage grape analysis, laboratory services and wine management for both domestic and international wine sales.

Only 10 Spots are left to become an Exhibitor at the 2017 International Bulk Wine and Spirits ShowRegister Now and Join the show as an Exhibitor.