Sourcing and creating wines for the Chinese and other markets

Hansen, a fifth generation Californian, has defined his nearly 30 year career in the wine business by his achievements as one of the wine industry’s top brand builders.  Building sales and distribution throughout the U.S. and in over 40 countries around the world, he is a professional who understands the industry from vineyard to retail to wine list. Starting in 1987, Hansen was appointed, by California’s Secretary of Agriculture, as manager of the newly-formed and revolutionary Agricultural Export Program (AEP), a program established by California’s Governor to develop and support the growth of international sales and marketing of California food and agricultural products.  He managed a $5 million annual budget and organized California’s first trade show in Korea in 1988.

In 1988, Hansen and two partners created international sales, marketing, and consulting company that focused on exporting California dried fruits, nuts, and wine.  As president of the company, Hansen helped bring revenues to more than $6 million by the end of the Company’s third year of business. In 1993, Hansen formed a joint venture company in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, gaining distribution rights to America’s largest food service company, Sysco, for the Malaysian market.  He served as a director on the company’s board through 2000.  In 1995, Hansen established a second joint venture in Paris, France.  This company was established to further expand distribution of California wines throughout Europe.

That same year, Hansen established a new firm in California that imported and distributed wines from the most important appellations in France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, and Chile.  The company also played a key role distributing many important California brands, including Rombauer, Davis Bynum, Merryvale, Arrowood, and was successful in incubating brands, early-stage brand building and creating a distribution foundation that led Hansen to establish in 2000 the Jewel wine brand.

Hansen has used his extensive background in international sales and distribution to build an impressive network of customers throughout the world.  While the California wine industry, on average, exports approximately 5% of its production, AH Wines’ international sales represent approximately 60% of their business.  Of the more than 30 international markets AH Wines serves, China has become their leading market.  There are few in the wine industry that rivals Hansen’s experience in China; he has been doing business in China since 1992 and wine business since 1997.

Hansen has led AH Wines, since its beginning in late 2008, to impressive levels of success in both overall revenue growth and profitability.  Different from past companies, Hansen is the primary shareholder along with his son and daughter, thus ensuring critical management control of finance, operations, and sales.  Hansen created an industry leading production model based on maximizing cost efficiencies, which makes AH Wines highly competitive during today’s challenging economic times.

Hansen has been regularly quoted by numerous wine writers, business media, such as CNN radio as well as other major business sources.  He has been a keynote speaker, presenter, and panelist for many wine and business events throughout the U.S. and abroad.

Hansen was a graduate of California State University, Fresno, where he earned a degree in Agricultural Economics and Marketing and served two terms as President of the Student Body.

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Meet One of the Leading Wine Brokers from New Zealand at IBWSS 2017

Wine Brokers NZ began operation in November 2006 and is based in Marlborough, New Zealand. They understand that your business is market led and supply and cash flow are crucial elements to you and your business. They are here to make your life easier. Whether it be bulk wine, grape supply, or packaged product such as clean skins or labelled – they can make your sourcing and trading problems disappear. Professional, prompt, personable, no fuss service. They look forward to working with you.

Wine Brokers New Zealand is a bottled and bulk wine export and brokering company based in Marlborough, New Zealand’s major wine producing region. They also offer full wine making services. They pride themselves on their strong & direct relationships with wine makers & grape growers in the region and throughout the rest of New Zealand.


Wine Brokers NZ deals in wine services and brokering services and base themselves in Marlborough, New Zealand’s major wine producing region. They  pride themselves on their strong & direct relationships with winemakers and grape growers in the region and throughout the rest of New Zealand. Their services encompass a variety of areas of the wine industry from sourcing of grapes through to exporting and shipping of bulk and packaged wines. Browse the options below for a comprehensive list of the services they can provide you. Please contact them if you wish to discuss in further detail how they may be able to help you.

They have a wide range of buyers, both local & international who have on going requirements for New Zealand grapes & bulk wines. If you are looking to sell to help with cash flows or to balance variations between production and current sales levels Wine Brokers NZ can quickly and easily place your products with qualified buyers taking the hassle out of moving surplus stock.

Own Label Services

Wine Sourcing:

Wine Brokers

Increasing the volumes or creating proprietary blends. They can source the wine for your label, blend it and prepare it for bottling or shipping in bulk.


Wine Brokers

Finding competitive supply lines. Bottling & packaging your wine into branded packaging at competitive rates.

Export & Shipment:

Wine Brokers

Wine Brokers NZ can arrange the logistics and paperwork to get your wine to the markets of your choice with the required documentation in a seamless and efficient manner.

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